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50 | TH E M R EP O RT Leading Ladies Cathy Martin DIRECTOR OF PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT, FISERV Cathy Martin touts an impressive 30-year tenure at Fiserv, where she's worked in cutting-edge product development since the get-go. These days, she oversees the entire software development lifecycle, which includes many moving parts. Unflappable to the core, she "exemplifies the 'servant leadership' model, where the leader mentors and empowers others while creating an environment of openness and knowledge- sharing," according to a colleague. Throughout her career, Martin has mentored individuals in all aspects of product development. As such, she's like a "magnet" for interns, folks early in their careers, and those wanting to switch professions, providing anything from quick advice to career coaching and planning. Despite accomplishing so much over these three decades, Martin is nothing if not modest. "Being Cathy, she will tell you that the above achievements are the result of a wonderful team and the collaborative partnership of clients," her colleague noted. "But they will tell you none of this would have happened without her leadership." Jennifer McGuiness MANAGING PARTNER, LIFT STRATEGIC PARTNERS, LLC Jennifer McGuiness, Managing Partner, Lift Strategic Partners, LLC, believes in leadership rather than just a managing position—and that means being able to do the job of each of her team members, while also recognizing that within her team are a synergy of complimentary skill sets. McGuiness entered the housing industry by accident and though she's accomplished much in her career, such as leading her firm to be the first hedge fund issuer of securities, she doesn't believe she has reached her greatest professional accomplishment yet. She is focused on problem solving and said there is no better feeling than the one of accomplishment when she can convert the word "no" into "yes" by using her skills and that of her team. McGuiness is focused on having a seat at the table when the lending and housing markets adopt the necessary technologies to optimize their operations and business models in this highly regulated and complex environment. Sara Millard GENERAL COUNSEL/EVP, ARCH MORTGAGE INSURANCE Her co-workers describe Sara Millard, General Counsel and EVP at Arch Mortgage Insurance, as a passionate and innovative leader. According to Millard, homeownership is the cornerstone of the American Dream; however, she believes that many people question whether that dream is attainable for them. This is why her passion is helping people realize that dream and enabling people to own their own homes. Her co-workers said that she not only takes the time to understand the mortgage insurance business, but the entire mortgage world so that she can be an effective advocate in her company. Milliard constantly challenges those around her to think differently and not get stuck in the old way of doing things. As Arch MI continues to grow its market share and expands into other markets, Millard is excited to bring their innovation and dynamic services to help address the unique challenges of the ever-changing global housing climate. Laurie Pyle EVP, FACTOM Many women look to find something new, innovative, and challenging—and that's exactly what Laurie Pyle, EVP at Factom accomplished. Pyle considers herself lucky to have a career full of both of those aspects, while still balancing a blend of qualities to be a good leader. One of those qualities is holding diversified leadership roles. Pyle has had the opportunity to work in both technology and operations roles ranging from origination technology to servicing, foreclosure, REO operations, and loan due diligence, all the way to servicing technology and now block chain for cutting-edge compliance solutions. According to Pyle, block chain is by far the most interesting and game- changing technology since the commercialization of the internet and it requires a lot of patience and education of the market. Her greatest accomplishment, however? Being able to correctly balance having great success in her professional career and finding rewarding relationships with peers, while still balancing the challenges of raising a family. Caroline Reaves CEO, MORTGAGE CONTRACTING SERVICES Of all the reasons her colleagues would call Caroline Reaves, CEO of Mortgage Contracting Services, LLC (MCS), a trailblazer, being trustworthy and honest are the first reasons that comes to mind. Reaves always makes it a point to show the importance of being a reliable provider to their clients and leads by example proving that it is the best way to make strong and lasting relationships not only with their clients, but also with their partners and employees. Reaves has led MCS through the ups and downs of the industry, while maintaining the company's success and growth. One of Reaves' top priorities is to encourage her employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance, reminding them that it's okay to put your family first as long as you're working hard and being the best at your job.

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