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32 | TH E M R EP O RT DATA AND ANALYTICS SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION // DATA AND ANALYTICS SERVICE PROVIDERS AACER KEY PERSONNEL Noah Ornstein Managing Director Darla Andersen Director, Client Services Deepa Nugent Director, Operations STAFFING 5,350 Epiq Employees CONTACT INFORMATION 501 Kansas Ave. Kansas City, KS 66105 Phone: 1.800.314.5550 Email: Web: CORPORATE PROFILE Epiq is a leading global provider of integrated tech- nology and services for the legal profession and the financial services industry. AACER is the leader in bankruptcy court data and process automation for optimizing servicing operations, investment activi- ties and legal services. COMPANY HISTORY Epiq was founded in 1988 as a Chapter 13 bank- ruptcy services company. In the 1990s and 2000s, Epiq expanded its product and service coverage through organic growth and acquisitions, including an acquisition of AACER. In 2016, Epiq joined with DTI to become a global leader in legal services and technology. BUSINESS LINES, SERVICES, AND PRODUCTS AACER allows lenders, servicers, investors, law firms and others to easily and efficiently identify debtors in bankruptcy, monitor dockets and events with work- flow queues for effective portfolio management, and search across and within cases, on-demand. As a complete PACER replacement, AACER retrieves and organizes data from every court in the country, allow- ing quick and convenient access through one easy- to-use, reliable connection point. AACER retrieves, automates and maps electronic court data, including third-party data, for servicer payment operations, investment decision-making and other custom needs. In fact, AACER stands alone in its ability to auto- matically and precisely extract and deliver data from documents from across the court system, eliminating manual operations and associated risks and costs. Clients use AACER loan audit services for portfolio due diligence, remediation and ongoing servicing activities. AACER's automated document production, filing and state-of-the-art mail fulfilment services allow seamless interaction with courts and stakeholders. KEY FEATURES/BENEFITS Notification–AACER's leading, automated notification services are used daily industry-wide to identify new bankruptcy filings and debtors across the U.S. court system, as well as the status of cases with the highest precision in the market. Monitoring—automatically track dockets and claims registers, including more than 65 key case milestones. AACER's online, proprietary platform also includes work queues, management and audit features for the most effective management of cases for any purpose. Search–AACER has easy to use, proprietary search that is available 24/7. Filter results by numerous advanced criteria with one click. Receive search updates automatically. Search as far back in a case as desired. You can retrieve the cases, claims registers, documents and data you need from across electronic court records right when you want them. Data Extraction and Reporting—take advantage of AACER's leading extraction and mapping technology, quality assurance analysts and industry expertise to mine and transform any electronic data in the bankruptcy court system. Compare and validate court data with system of record data, trustee payment data, and other data to provide the full spectrum of high value services. Eliminate manual tasks and operations. Loan Audit—use AACER to complete loan audit and reconciliation for any servicing, remediation or due diligence purpose, including to create ledgers and reconcile accounts to complete borrower statements. AACER's top solution combines expert analysts with servicing system, trustee payment and court data mapping and process automation to deliver the highest quality results with the fastest turnaround. Workflow Automation and Fulfilment—automate manual steps in any process, with easy Q&A-style or automated data intake, screening and other business rule applications. Automatically create court documents, borrower statements, and other critical materials; then file and mail anywhere in the world with AACER's state-of-the-art print and mailing technology and expert managed services. APIs–AACER services are available via API for system-to-system data exchange for the highest level of automation. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AACER's leading, onshore solutions pair expert bank- ruptcy and financial analysts with unmatched data and process automation technologies. AACER solutions are easy to onboard and use, and competitively priced. AACER provides the broadest and deepest suite of services, the highest quality results with 100% client focus, delivering the greatest value in the market. ADDED VALUE TO CLIENTS AACER considers its clients as partners. AACER works closely with clients to apply custom solutions to address client-specific needs. Only AACER opti- mizes risk-adjusted returns for servicing operations, investment and legal services, helping clients meet and exceed their strategic, operational and financial objectives. INDUSTRY AWARDS, ACCOLADES, AND MILESTONES • Legal Tech News—Innovation Award—2016

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