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40 | TH E M R EP O RT DATA AND ANALYTICS SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION // DATA AND ANALYTICS SERVICE PROVIDERS Veros Real Estate Solutions KEY PERSONNEL Darius Bozorgi Co-founder, President, and CEO Bijan Bozorgi CFO and Cofounder David Rasmussen SVP, Operations Charles "Chuck" Rumfola SVP, Strategic Initiatives and Sales Eric Fox VP, Statistical and Economic Modeling STAFFING 80 employees CONTACT INFORMATION 2333 N. Broadway, Suite 350, Santa Ana, California 92706 Phone: 714.415.6300 866. 458.3767 toll-free Email: Web: Twitter: @verosres CORPORATE PROFILE Veros ® Real Estate Solutions (Veros) is a leader in predictive technology for the financial services industry and an award-winning provider of real estate analytics for the entire mortgage lending chain from origination to the capital markets. Veros provides essential tools for comprehensive property valuation and risk assessment to mortgage lenders, servicers, rating agencies, and the investment com- munity, both private and government-sponsored. COMPANY HISTORY Innovating mortgage technology since 2001, Veros continues to hold a leading role in the industry's col- lateral valuation space. The company has excelled as a premium provider of automated valuation models (AVMs), as well as residential market forecasts, home price indices, market risk scoring tools, and mark-to- market methodologies, among others. These solutions provide clients with the capacity for more proactive portfolio management, increased conversion rates and deeper insights into potentially risky scenarios earlier in the transaction. Veros has a proven track record for major industry systems development and implementa- tions. Veros is the official technology provider for Fannie Mae ® and Freddie Mac's Uniform Collateral Data Portal ® (UCDP ® ), including managing all the system-to- system direct integrations. Additionally, Veros built the Electronic Appraisal Delivery (EAD) portal for FHA. . BUSINESS LINES, SERVICES, AND PRODUCTS Veros' enterprise risk management solutions au- tomate the ordering, tracking, review, acceptance, quality control, scoring and delivery of appraisals, broker price opinions (BPOs), and AVMs. Veros offers next-gen risk assessment products, analytics, and real estate data to enhance the power of valua- tions, as well as automating the criteria, assignment, and management of these products. KEY FEATURES/BENEFITS VeroPRECISION™: Veros introduced the mortgage industry's first valuation decision engine, at the property level—VeroPRECISION. VeroPRECISION intelligently identifies which property is a viable candidate for an AVM. Once identified, VeroPRECISION utilizes sophisticated data analysis to deliver the most accurate AVM for that specific property from the industry's two top-performing AVM providers. When an AVM is not suitable, the property is automatically sent to the appropriate valuation tool. VeroPRECISION is a game changer for the mortgage industry both from a compliance, cost and performance standpoint. VeroVALUE SM : Veros' flagship AVM, VeroVALUE continues to lead the industry in hit rate and accuracy. With documented internal and third party testing, VeroVALUE delivers property valuations with unrivaled reliability. VeroSELECT SM : VeroSELECT is a robust valuation fulfilment system for managing valuation risk strategies. The system provides access to Veros' suite of valuation tools, including BPOs, Property Condition Reports, and property risk products. VeroSELECT allows for a virtually unlimited array of AVM cascade configurations. VeroFORECAST SM : With more than 10 years of proven, consistent, and documented accuracy, VeroFORECAST applies advanced analysis to econometric, real estate and market data to deliver projected change in property values along with market trends. PATHWAY SM : PATHWAY offers a direct connection to the GSEs' UCDP and UCD data collection solutions, as well as to FHA's EAD portal. VeroDATAFI SM , which leverages PATHWAY, is Veros' GSE-certified, web-based data management platform designed to help lenders streamline and automate the secure delivery of the UCD files directly to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Veros brings a proven track record of stability and system uptime, a strong reputation for model quality, unsurpassed hit rates in key areas of the U.S., as well as reliable, transparent value estimates, and confidence scores. The company continues to in- novate to bring efficiency and accuracy of data—en- abling better decisions for the mortgage industry. • 2014-2017 "Most Innovative Tech Companies", HW TECH100™ Award • 2015-2016 "Market Influence", HW TECH100™ • 2014 "Transforming Valuations", Mortgage Technology • 2010-2014 Top 50 Service Provider, Mortgage Technology • 2011 Tech All-Star (CEO Darius Bozorgi), Mortgage Banking • 2010 Synergy Award, Mortgage Technology KEYS TO YOUR SUCCESS Veros is committed to developing products that will help its clients meet the demands of complex industry regulations, as well as quickly and success- fully adapt to the evolving mortgage landscape for profitable business results. Veros is focused on combining its predictive analytic prowess with its industry expertise to create advanced forms of business intelligence software. These plat- form solutions enable companies to better predict and control portfolio risk, mortgage fraud, and regulatory compliance all with streamlined efficiency. TM ®

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