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64 | TH E M R EP O RT FINAL THOUGHTS Under Pressure Whether it was speaking in front of Senate committees or answering reporters' tough questions, these notable quotes leave no doubt on where their commenters stand. "Tim Sloan has my faith." WARREN BUFFETT showing his support of the Wells Fargo CEO. "they asked for my help" BRIAN MONTGOMERY, nominee for FHA Commissioner said this is how he responds to his Republican friends when they ask him why he served in a Democratic Administration. "Maybe Jamie will fire you." After JPMorgan CEO JAMIE DIMON said he would fire employees who traded bitcoin, cryptocurrency company Eidoo took out an ad in the Wall Street Journal with this quip. "I guarantee the CEO of Massachusetts General or Johns Hopkins … probably doesn't know a lot about infectious diseases." HUD Secretary BEN CARSON reiterating that his job is to lead people who have housing experience. "substantial" Investment bank Natixis told investors that the U.S. economy will slow down substantially in 2018.

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