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news and strategies for the evolving mortgage market JANUARY 2018 THEMREPORT.COM 16 COLLATERAL DAMAGE As the pool of appraisers continues to shrink, the mortgage industry is searching for solutions and technology is helping the cause. 20 CHECKS AND BALANCES Women borrowers still face unique challenges when taking a loan. Learn how lenders can combat unintentional discrimination. 24 5 PROS AND PITFALLS INVESTORS FACE WHEN JUMPING INTO RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE Residential real estate continues to be an attractive investment, learn how to get into this market. 27 SPECIAL SECTION: PROPERTY VALUATION GUIDE We present the companies at the forefront of property valuation progress. A decade after the housing market crash, the industry has changed in ways both massive and miniscule. MReport dissects the differences between the 2008 and 2018 mortgage markets, from evolving mortgage processes to emergent technology and regulations. The Worst of Times the Best of Times 2008-2018

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