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64 | TH E M R EP O RT FINAL THOUGHTS Heard Around the World This month's notable musings didn't just impact the mortgage industry; they made ripples on the world stage as well. Whether these commentators were addressing the big picture of the economy or dialed in directly on housing, you don't want to miss these powerful opinions. "empower others and move them up the ladder" HUD Secretary DR. BEN CARSON discussing his mission for the department at the 2018 Five Star Government Forum in Washington, D.C. "among California's leading exports" Las Vegas Sun writer CONOR DOUGHERTY on how California's problems of homelessness and congestion are now spilling into Nevada. "back on shaky ground" UC Berkeley Public Affairs article, warning that the mortgage market could face another meltdown. "far too powerful" Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Acting Director, MICK MULVANEY, commenting on the scope of the Bureau in an April report. "not dead yet" Forbes contributor KENNETH RAPOZA, on the state of the economy.

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