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6 | TH E M R EP O RT leverage the capabilities of booj and other strategic partners to deliver core technology solutions designed for and with RE/MAX affiliates, the company said in a statement. The acquisition will help RE/MAX use technology platforms that create a distinct competitive edge for its brokerages and agents and complement other tech products they choose to use. "Our strategy is to serve the industry's most productive agents by providing technology that saves them time, connects them to buy - ers and sellers, helps them leverage the brand and its many com- petitive advantages, and ultimately enables them to be even more productive and successful," said Adam Contos, RE/MAX CEO. Booj has developed powerful technology systems for more than 40 regional real estate companies and 20,000 agents, allowing agents and brokerages to grow their busi - ness. These platforms, designed by and for the real estate industry, include websites, mobile apps, lead generation and cultivation systems, and predictive analytics. "We're passionate about building technology that changes agents' lives and makes buying and selling a home easier," said Ido Zucker, Enterprise Director and Managing Partner of booj. "Putting our exist - ing platform and new innovations into the hands of RE/MAX agents will be incredibly rewarding for our entire team. We're excited to see what world-class technologies we can build together." Helping the Mortgage Industry, One Course at a Time THE FIVE STAR ACADEMY HAS LAUNCHED A NEW PLATFORM FOR MORTGAGE INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS C ontinuous learning is a necessity for professionals in the servicing and mort- gage industry. With this in mind, the Five Star Academy (FSA), a Five Star Institute brand, recently launched a learning platform with independent certification programs and courses written by experts from the housing and mortgage industry. "The objective of the Five Star Academy is to provide relevant, timely, and actionable education tailored for professionals of all levels servicing the mortgage in - dustry," said Ed Delgado, President, and CEO of the Five Star Institute. "We expect these certifications to not only contribute to the careers of those who complete the course - work, but to the overall progress of the industry as a whole." From regulatory compliance and legal practice to diversity and inclusion, as well as distressed asset disposition, these courses cover a wide range of topics in an easy-to-use online format. "FSA provides the latest instruc - tion, presented by subject matter experts, in a manner that allows you to become certified while you simultaneously continue with your profession and with your personal life—it's a no-brainer," said Michelle Gilbert, Managing Partner, Gilbert Garcia Group. According to Clint Welser, VP, Laudan Properties, these courses are an excellent reference point for real estate and lending profession - als who want to learn more about legal and regulatory topics. "As the real estate, banking, and servicing industries become in - creasingly more complex, it's great to have the resources that the Five Star Academy provides at the ready. Certifications such as these, help set professionals apart from their peers about an ever-evolving industry," said Welser. Each program contains eight courses, with each certification equivalent to 20 credit hours of relevant material. Currently, FSA offers three ways in which an individual can pursue a certifica - tion, including independent course- work, where professionals can pick and choose the courses most ap- plicable to their business and then revisit or pursue other coursework as needed; obtaining a certification when they complete all courses within a program; and completing all certification courses to obtain a Master Certification from FSA. "These courses enable you to learn from top industry profes - sionals about many things that you may need to be sharper on. Often, agents learn the most from other agents. Five Star Academy is a place where the entire industry can learn from each other and make that happen for all of us," said Jim Hastings, Broker/Owner, Hastings Brokerage. Editor's Note: The Five Star Institute is also the parent company of the MReport. "The objective of the Five Star Academy is to provide relevant, timely, and actionable education tailored for professionals of all levels servicing the mortgage industry." —Ed Delgado, President and CEO, The Five Star Institute MTECH

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