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4 | TH E M R EP O RT MTECH Veros Assists SBS for Valuation Tools SBS HAS ADDED VEROS PRODUCTS TO ITS SUITE OF PROPERTY-SPECIFIC VALUATION AND APPRAISAL MANAGEMENT SERVICES. S elect Business Services Inc. (SBS), a valuation and title solutions company, recently announced the addition of Veros Real Estate Solutions' VeroPRECISION to their suite of valuation and appraisal management services. The ad - dition of VeroPRECISION will give users the ability to deter- mine if an automated valuation model (AVM) is an appropriate tool for a specific property by first determining if it is a good candidate for an AVM, and then finalizing which evaluation tool would provide the most accu - rate and appropriate data. SBS offers a full suite of valu- ation and appraisal management services that can be tailored to meet unique specifications. The company provides real estate property appraisals and AVMs for banks, credit unions, mortgage lenders, and mortgage servicers. "This application gives our customers a unique tool by which to evaluate properties more accurately," Dan Kavanaugh, VP, SBS said. "It's an example of our dedication to providing customers with new and innovative solu - tions that meet their specific and changing needs." "SBS offers an expansive suite of property valuation offerings for use during every phase of the mortgage lifecycle, and we are honored to have them add VeroPRECISION to the mix," Rob Walker, VP, Sales at Veros said. "VeroPRECISION is the first offering of its kind to address an inconvenient truth: that an AVM may not be an appropriate valu- ation tool for a particular subject property. With its addition, SBS clients will now have the ability to decisively determine when and when not to use AVMs; enabling them to make well-informed busi- ness decisions." Veros is an enterprise risk man- agement and collateral valuation services provider. The firm com- bines predictive technology, data analytics, and industry expertise to deliver advanced automated solutions to control risk. Caliber Partners with FirstFunding THE PARTNERSHIP WILL HELP THE LENDER TO SPEED FUNDING REQUEST TURN TIMES AND REDUCE ERRORS AND RISK. C aliber Home loans has partnered with First- Funding to speed up funding request turn times and reduce errors and risk by integrating Caliber's H20 origi- nation system with FirstFund- Industry Highlights We tracked the partnerships, movements, and announcements of the industry's top tech providers.

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