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34 | TH E M R EP O RT SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION: 2018 OUTSOURCING GUIDE CFSI Loan Management KEY PERSONNEL Brian Mingham President John Morrissey SVP Jeremy McFarland VP CONTACT INFORMATION 6535 S. Dayton St., Suite 3001, Greenwood Village, CO 80111 Phone: 855.344.2374 Email: Web: COMPANY DESCRIPTION CFSI Loan Management is a national single source provider of Construction Risk Mitigation services. CFSI is the outsourced solution for contractor review and project feasibility prior to funding. CFSI becomes clients' fund control and budget review/ draw management and inspection provider post- closing, ensuring to account for every dollar spent and collect the lien releases to be able to convert client loans to a permanent financing, or simply make sure their projects do not get over disbursed prior to completion. CFSI are the construction project experts who work with their clients to customize an offering to match their credit guidelines and become an extension of their back-office support group for contractors, borrowers, and internal staff. COMPANY HISTORY CFSI was founded in 2013, at the tail end of the recession, with the idea that construction lending would return to its "glory days" and the organization would be prepared for that day. More than five years later, CFSI has become the industry leader in residential rehab and ground up construction risk mitigation. CFSI also works in the commercial space for multi-family ground up, SBA, and large commercial projects across the United States. CFSI's Management team has at least 15 years' experience each in mortgage lending and construction risk management. CFSI has built a company culture that revolves around team work, customer service, and helping clients mitigate risk. BUSINESS LINES, SERVICES, AND PRODUCTS • Contractor Review • Project Feasibility • Fund Control • Draw Management • Inspections • Portfolio Review • Lender/Seller Audits KEY FEATURES/BENEFITS CFSI is a turn key solution for starting a new loan program or an over flow for an existing production team. Finding employees with these specific skill sets to manage the construction process is difficult, and the cost to build out a program can be prohibitive. Outsourcing these tasks to CFSI can be the more cost effective answer. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE CFSI's personnel sets them apart from their competitors. Technology can provide the work flow but understanding contractors, project costing, lien law by state, review draw inspection results, and the write up to recommend a draw be released can't be automated. Artificial Intelligence doesn't solve these issues to help with this part of the loan process. ADDED CLIENT VALUE CFSI's added value to clients is second to none. The warehouse provider loves when clients have experts managing the process, rather than using an underwriter. The Risk Officer loves to have experts on the case, because CFSI provides an arms length transaction from the sales person who has the relationship with the builder. The Finance and Executive Team loves CFSI because they don't let contractors front load budgets, have change orders that have not been accounted for, or manage the lien releases so when the certificate of occupancy is delivered clients can refinance or sell the loan. KEYS TO SUCCESS CFSI's success comes from the great people they hire and the clients that support their daily activities. It is a niche' business, and clients find that relying on CFSI to perform these key activities allows sales to originate more, underwriting to manage credit risk, capital markets to manage interest rate risk, and CFSI to manage construction risk. INDUSTRY AWARDS, ACCOLADES, AND MILESTONES CFSI has helped their clients with over $5 billion in construction loans, and currently have over $3 billion in projects under management.

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