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M R EP O RT | 7 MTECH Ware's ICM platform Com- penSafe to automate incentive compensation for its mortgage division's 40-plus loan origina- tors (LOs) and loan origina- tor assistants (LOAs). After a record-setting 23-day implemen- tation period, Michigan First de- ployed CompenSafe to automate monthly incentive compensation for its LOs and LOAs and is currently working on rolling it out for its operational staff. Holding $1.4 billion in total assets, Michigan First is an open credit union serving 175,000 members that live or work in the state of Michigan. Michigan First introduced mortgage lend- ing as a member service in 2014, and originates, underwrites, and services all of its mortgage loans in-house. The credit union has substantially grown its mortgage lending division each year, closing 2,000 mortgage loans representing nearly $500 million in volume in 2020. "I selected CompenSafe to streamline Michigan First's incen- tive compensation because its efficiency enables us to quickly scale to growth and its flexibility enables us to develop custom incentive compensation plans that motivate our mortgage team to build strong relationships with members," said Michigan First Chief Mortgage Lending Officer Dan Sugg, CMB. "In addition to saving us time, money, and energy, CompenSafe provides unparalleled transparency into the compensa- tion process. LOs and sales team leaders frequently check their CompenSafe dashboard for pay and productivity updates as loans move through the pipeline." CompenSafe is the only ICM platform purpose-built for mort- gage lenders. By integrating direct- ly with mortgage loan origination systems (LOSs), CompenSafe automatically calculates commis- sions and bonuses as loans fund in near real-time. In addition to freeing lenders from the error- prone, time-consuming process of managing incentive compensation with spreadsheets, CompenSafe tracks and timestamps all com- mission transactions, creating a comprehensive audit trail for CFPB compliance. "Credit unions seeking to forge stronger ties with members through mortgage lending benefit from automating the burden- some chore of managing incentive compensation so they can focus on what matters most: the member experience," LBA Ware Founder and CEO Lori Brewer said. "LBA Ware understands that empower- ing lenders with the latitude to develop specialized incentive com- pensation structures helps motivate loan teams to meet productivity goals and deliver a better mem- ber experience. We're honored that Michigan First has selected CompenSafe to facilitate its mort- gage lending division's growth." Passing with Flying Colors ALLIANT NATIONAL TITLE MEETS RIGOROUS SSAE 18 TYPE II STANDARDS. A lliant National Title Insurance Company, a unique title insurance underwriter that partners with independent agents to improve their competitive position in the marketplace, announced the suc- cessful completion of the Service Organization Control (SOC) 1 SSAE 18 Type II examination for the seventh consecutive year. By completing the examination, Alliant National will receive men- tion in an AICPA-endorsed re- port, stating that the company has maintained effective controls over its Agent Quality Management System. It also verifies that Alliant National's processes for approv- ing, monitoring, and reviewing its agents, which results in their designation as Authorized Service Providers, include rigorous quality standards. Additionally, SSAE 18 certified compliant status validates Alliant National's systems for minimizing customers' risk of financial loss in connection with real estate clos- ings. As a result, lenders relying upon Alliant National's oversight of its agents and Authorized Service Provider program receive additional assurance that process- es are complete and accurate. "Alliant National was the first title insurance underwriter in the nation to obtain compliant status and is the only title insurance underwriter to achieve compliant status for seven consecutive years," said David Sinclair, President and CEO of Alliant National. "This certification provides further independent assurance of our agent oversight systems to lenders. Providing lenders with unequivo- cal evidence of the quality of our agents through an independently audited system is a top priority of Alliant National." A-Lign Certified Public Accountants of Tampa, Florida, performed the engagement and certification. The unqualified satisfactory report, with no excep- tions, was issued January 11, 2021, and the audit scope covered the full year 2020. Alliant National distinguishes itself from competitors by com- bining strong underwriting capa- bility with independent agents' in-depth knowledge of local markets. The result is a nation- wide network with deep roots in

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