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from the source Signs of Summer There are some great finds industry leaders should have available on their mobile devices as they travel to and from vacation spots. READ THIS ≥ TWEET THIS Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success If there is one thing that Phil Jackson knows how to do, it's win. Jackson's storied career as head coach of the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers made him the most winningest coach in the history of professional sports. According to Jackson, that success came from maintaining a deep set of values that has served as the guide for his career. The "Zen master's" approach to leadership stems from a combination of a belief in personal freedom, a commitment to constant consistency, and selfless teamwork that established a new standard in basketball and other sports. Those values are transferrable to any leader looking to motivate their team from a positive point of view versus one based on fear. @AjaWMoore is a hilariously insightful tweeter who also happens to serve as the editor-inchief for Debtwire. She offers her take on the latest financial news and how consumers can pay attention to all markets she does a particularly smart job weaving the different financial narratives into one meta-narrative about the complex nature of the housing recovery. Moore spices up her commentary with pop-culture references that make her analysis palatable for the seasoned finance veteran and the layperson alike. WATCH THIS "LIKE" THIS Desiree Patno is the president and founder of the National Association of Women REO Brokerages (NAWRB) and Desiree Patno Enterprises. Patno has more than 20 years' experience in the industry and is committed to furthering the cause of creating more diverse voices for a diverse marketplace. One of her prime platforms is her Facebook page, where she interacts regularly with friends and industry professionals to discuss the news of the day, posts links to articles of note, or sends people to the NAWRB site for their exclusive content. Often, she uses her expertise to alert her network to trends she's seeing develop in the marketplace. SHARE THIS "How to Get a Job" by Thomas Friedman is an interesting take on the current labor market that goes beyond the numbers and examines what has now become a social imperative: that the current job seeker must have much more to bring to the table than a degree. The trouble is, Friedman argues, that employers are looking for the perfect match. So what's a healthy compromise for the employer with unrealistic expectations and the employee who may not be overqualified like many employers are desiring? Friedman offers some solutions in this New York Times op-ed that can help both leaders and job seekers in today's market. friedman-how-to-get-a-job.html "Is Housing in a Bubble?" CNBC gathered a table of panelists to take a look at the recent headlines of the market turning bullish, causing investors to worry and increasing the cadence and the volume of the conversation surrounding a possible housing bubble. The panel takes a look at utilities stocks that are behaving in a volatile manner and then pitches the conversation to Diana Olick, who breaks down one of the real culprits: the rise and fall of the refi. As rates continue to rise, some analysts say they will stabilize. According to Olick, housing is merely in a recovery and is still down 30 percent from where it was during the peak of the housing boom. Housing stocks, however, are running up but not at the pace of housing starts, which is giving some analysts reason to say the housing market is in a bubble. The M Report | 7

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