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6 | M R EP O RT MTECH One-Stop Bulk Title and Closing Services SPRUCE ANNOUNCES ENHANCED BULK TRANSACTION CAPABILITY. P roptech provider Spruce has announced its bulk transaction capability, geared to bring its centralized operating model to large-scale investors to lower costs. Spruce offers a one-stop shop for bulk title and closing services, all with a custom approach to pricing—specifically designed for the sector's unique needs. The company's centralized bulk trans- lation capabilities are designed to integrate seamlessly with inves- tors' multistate strategies and remote acquisitions. Spruce has performed title and closing services on more than $100 million in bulk transactions in 2021. Benefits of Spruce's new bulk title and closing services include lower transaction costs, niche ex- pertise, fast quotes, on-time clos- ings, a centralized team serving as a single point of contact with real-time transaction updates, and the ability to do business in 48 U.S. states. Spruce's automated underwrit- ing model was designed to reduce title search and closing processes from the industry average of two weeks to as little as 48 hours or less. Seamless Appraisal Management REGGORA PARTNERS WITH ICE ON APPRAISAL AUTOMATION. A ppraisal management software provider Reggora has partnered with ICE Mortgage Technology to create a best-in-class appraisal management experience for mortgage lenders. Under terms of the deal, Reggora will leverage the Encompass Partner Connect API to integrate its appraisal manage- ment platform with ICE Mortgage Technology's Encompass and LO Connect loan origination offer- ings. Encompass customers will be able to access Reggora, without ever having to exit Encompass. Lender users will be able to view and manage their appraisal pipeline within Encompass and LO Connect, creating a seam- less experience across their retail, wholesale, and consumer direct channels. "Our customers have been asking to be able to access more of Reggora within their ICE Mortgage Technology solu- tions, and we are very proud to be delivering through the new Encompass Partner Connect API," said Will Denslow, Co-Founder and CTO at Reggora. "As this is a fully customizable API, we've been able to embed Reggora seamlessly to create the best inte- gration experience possible." Advancing Lending Via AI ROOSTIFY ANNOUNCES NEW UNDERWRITING AUTOMATION OPTION. R oostify has launched Analysis Assistant, an au- tomated income, asset, and credit analysis capability, to its Roostify Beyond offering. Roostify Beyond's latest feature, Analysis Assistant, uses data from docu- ments uploaded by borrowers during the application process and loan application data to analyze a borrower's assets and income, reducing loan origination costs for lenders and shortening the time to close for borrowers. By comparing borrower document data to loan applica- tion data, Analysis Assistant verifies that the information given is correct, automatically identi- fies discrepancies in income and assets, and allows loan officers to create tasks for letters of explana- tions with a single click. "We are excited to launch Analysis Assistant as the next enhancement to Roostify Beyond. We're continuing to empower lend- ers with accessible data and action- able tools," said Harsh Chowdhary, Director, Product Management— Data & AI at Roostify. Analysis Assistant's abil- ity to automatically identify various scenarios where Letters of Explanation may be required is a tremendous step forward in streamlining the process for lenders. If the borrower's bank statement or credit report indicate any anomalies, Analysis Assistant identifies the issues and instinc- tively gives loan officers the ability to request these letters without the underwriter needing to go through each report manually. Blockchain Gains Momentum FIGURE AND APOLLO EXECUTE BLOCKCHAIN TRANSFER. F igure Lending LLC and Apollo have completed a transaction involving the origination of digital mortgage loans and transfer of ownership via blockchain technology. Figure has begun originating eNote mortgages that are on- boarded as unique digital assets on the Provenance Blockchain. At the same time, they are auto-registered with Digital Asset Registration Technologies (DART), a combined lien and eNote regis- try system developed by Figure Technologies and used in place of the "MERS" databases. DART monitors blockchain- based asset transfers and offers a streamlined a alternative to the ex- isting loan tracking database systems and the often weeks-long settlement process for paper promissory notes. In the transactions, Apollo, through investment vehicles it "Our customers have been asking to be able to access more of Reggora within their ICE Mortgage Technology solutions, and we are very proud to be delivering through the new Encompass Partner Connect API." —Will Denslow, Co-Founder and CTO, Reggora

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