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4 | Th e M Rep o RT Advertisement Priceweaver Offers Standalone Solution For Mortgage Bankers P riceweaver, the California- based software, tech- nology, and marketing provider for mortgage bankers, continues to impress with its innovative flagship prod- uct, LenderHub. Combining some of the most innovative features with an easy-to-use interface for originators, users have found product, pricing, and qualification has never been more seamless. Used by small and large mortgage bankers alike, this is the most affordable and flexible software solution on the market. Built from the inside out, the solution is designed to provide tools for the secondary marketing professional first and the origina- tor second. This ensures that the profits of the lender are protected in order to solidify the relation- ship of every party involved in the transaction. With 16 years of secondary marketing and technology experi- ence, the company doesn't just rest on its laurels. Priceweaver sees itself as having an incred- ible competitive advantage. CEO Mark Ramirez said, "From the beginning, we built our platform so that any software vendor can interact and transact with any of our product, pricing, and eligibility tools. Therefore, our clients aren't tied to the way our front end looks, so it gives them total flexibility to build their own branded front end that is custom to their company. We also wel- come integrations from loan origi- nation system [LOS] providers, which can take advantage of our API to deliver product and pric- ing results without forcing users to leave their core system." But as it has always been with the com- pany, quality comes first. He con- tinued, "We don't want to offer solutions outside of our wheel- house that aren't best-in-class, just for the sake of generating a little more in revenue. We don't want to compromise solution quality and effectiveness. We want to be the best at what we do, which is why we continue to operate as a standalone solution." Being the first to offer RatePages and Rules, the goal was to improve the customer's bottom line. The company also offers a next-generation product and pricing (PPE) rate sheet automation and business rule configuration tool that is made available via the software-as-a- service (SaaS) delivery model. Among the offerings: RateBook is custom designed per customer to provide the easiest rate sheet management tool available; RateGrid Easily is embeddable PHP code that can be put on a website and customized to show certain programs and certain rates; live feeds directly from LenderHub keeps rates always up to date; and MobiRates, the proprietary rateXML, feeds off a company's pricing and can be converted into MobiRates pages that are custom designed for each customer so they can be embedded in a current mobile app or platform. But all of these things don't matter if the word isn't out there. There's no question that email marketing is incredibly important these days and it's easier than ever to become a top-tier mort- gage marketer with Priceweaver's mortgage-specific, easy-to-use platform and pre-made templates. After 15 years of software devel- opment, the company has found that there is no reason it can't be done easily and affordably. Now that the company has set up so many companies for success, it is looking to the future. Ramirez revealed, "Our future plans involve continuing development on our network on products, establishing integra- tions with top industry providers, and continuing to offer the most robust and affordable solutions in the market. A new generation is taking over the mortgage industry and Priceweaver intends to take the lead on revolutionizing the entire PPE experience."a

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