Rise of the Rentals

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64 | Th e M Rep o RT Final ThoughTs Final Thoughts The temperature heats up and so do the conversations "It's an impressive run, but far from bubble territory." ToM o'Grady, Pro Teck CEO, stating that he does not foresee trouble over the next five years in the housing market. "And we are doing our part to support the recovery." JaMie diMon, chair and CEO of JPMorgan Chase, showing optimism in a statement despite the company's first quarter loss. "Builder confidence has been in a holding pattern the past three months" Kevin Kelly, NAHB chairman, commenting on the one- point increase in its monthly Housing Market Index (HMI) "The low level of labor force participation may also signal additional slack that is not reflected in the headline unemployment rate." JaneT yellen, during her speech at the Economic Club of New York "He's being a little cautious, but that's probably good at this point. It's a big job to oversee two of the largest financial institutions in the world, and getting inside those behemoths is always an issue." JaMes locKharT, a former director of FHFA who is now vice chairman at WL Ross & Co. on Mel Watt's takeoff as director of the agency. "Pervasive culture of retaliation and intimidation that silences employees and chills the workforce from exposing wrongdoing." anGela MarTin, a senior attorney in the CFPB's office of enforcement on the allegations of discrimination against women and minority employees. "More equitable treatment now could make an enormous contribution to rejuvenating housing markets decimated by the foreclosure crisis." Myron orfield, Institute on Metropolitan Opportunity (IMO) director, explaining the institute's findings on lending discrimination against borrowers in largely minority areas.

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