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6 | Th e M Rep o RT from the source Stand Out as an Industry Leader and Present Your Company in the Premier Publication in Mortgage Banking. Upcoming MReport Editorial Advertise now! Call 214.525.6700 or connect with us online at June 2014 Featured: Regulatory Environment: How does compliance impact originations? Special Section: Operating Systems Technology Guide Get Ahead of the Game explore great avenues socially that will give some fresh insight and expand horizons. READ THIS ≥ Capital in the Twenty-First Century For those that love data, author Thomas Piketty has compiled it from over twenty countries— going back hundreds of years—exploring interesting economic and social patterns. This may change the way you think about wealth and equality, which is the point. The po- litical economy controls wealth, inequality, and economic growth, and so far the data have been all over the place, which makes it difficult to set a plan for change. Here the author warns of a great divide that could cause a great unrest, which was previ- ously predicted by Karl Marx. This is a great lesson on economic history and what we need to learn from it. "LIKE" THIS REIClub This page was made especially for real estate investors and has a wealth of articles, videos, and forums that can keep you working via Facebook (no, really!) all day. Hosted on the free, community-based website, there's no lack of resources on this page. There are also inspirational quotes, polls, giveaways, and many chances to connect. If you want to be on social media and still call it work, this is a worthwhile on-the-clock distraction. SHARE THIS "Real-Estate Crowdfunding Finds Its Footing" Wall Street Journal writer Andrew Blackman explores how crowd- funding has made its way into real estate. Blackman also explores how new investors are entering the market now that regulatory changes have made it easier for people in this business to look for investors. After buying shares into ventures, accredited investors are seeing returns on investments of all sizes, so the demand has grown. Given the ease of it, this may be something you'll want to consider. TWEET THIS @Alex_Stenback The American Genius has Stenback at the top of the list of mortgage professionals on Twitter, and even after a quick glance, it's easy to see why. Not only does he share the most important news, he's also funny and offers interesting insight and commentary on the business.

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