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FROM THE SOURCE New Media Takes a Front Seat for Financial Institutions Companies around the industry are bolstering their online presence with diverse content, and MReport is tracking the media sources that are making a strong statement. READ THIS Financial Times' Digital & Social Media Marketing: Special Report. The realm of new media presents specific issues for com- panies in the financial sector, but a new report from the Financial Times provides key strategies for crafting an appropri- ate yet aggressive social media presence. The news outlet breaks down tools, trends, and tips for gaining traction that are applicable to financial institutions of all sizes, and small to mid- sized organizations seeking new, inexpensive market- ing initiatives will derive special benefits from the Financial Times study. FOLLOW THIS The Real Estate Bloggers. Mortgage and housing blog The Real Estate Bloggers is nothing if not honest. One recent piece that surprised followers took a critical angle on recent statistics from the National Association of Realtors, calling January numbers from the group "highly unlikely." While MReport remains neutral on the topic, our team does appreciate the genu- ine commentary provided by the site, which tackles a wide range of subjects from market statistics to hot properties. TWEET THIS @SunTrust. The Georgia- based regional bank has established a strong presence on Twitter, and the bank's frequent Tweets include answers to consumer questions, information on products and trends, and reports on philanthropic activities around the Southeast. SunTrust also focuses on connecting with other related organizations through its Twitter page, which provides its social media followers with instant access to topics and companies of interest.!/SunTrust "LIKE" THIS RE/MAX. The real estate behemoth that is RE/MAX has created a Facebook page that's both entertain- ing and informative. Its videos, application updates, and international interac- tion make it more than worth the effort to "Like" the company's Facebook site, and followers will appreciate RE/MAX's willingness to repost and share diverse content. Additionally, the behind- the-scenes coverage of RE/ MAX's activities gives you an interesting peek inside the organization's multifac- eted approach to customer service. WATCH THIS NYT Shorts by the New York Times. The documentary- style videos created by NYT Shorts are, in a word, dynamic. The prestigious news outlet uses its shorts to take an in-depth look at everything from real estate projects to the current habits of the baby boomer generation. While the diverse topics covered in the NYT Shorts may not always be directly applicable to the mortgage industry, the lessons and insights gleaned from the newspaper's examination of poignant subjects are sure to be beneficial to professionals around the financial marketplace. THE M REPORT | 9

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