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CONTENTS origination ORIGINATION 42 Feature The Lending Lockdown: Alternative Data May Hold the Key. MReport speaks to Mark Luber, vice president of analytics and data acquisitions for LexisNexis, about the new data that's giving lenders enhanced solutions for evaluating credit and risk. 38 The Latest CFBP Calls for Draft Mortgage Statement for Borrowers: Government bureau moves forward with proposal to require a mortgage statement for borrowers. 45 Local Edition FHLB of Chicago to Offer Down Payment Subsidies: Chicago's Federal Home Loan Bank has launched a new down payment program. servicing SERVICING 52 Feature Settling Up: What does the government's settlement with servicers really mean for industry professionals? 48 The Latest FHFA, GSEs Criticized for Poor Servicer Oversight: A new report targets both government housing entities, accusing them of lackluster review practices. 55 Local Edition New England State Will Gain $190M in Servicer Settlement: State reveals its likely take from the government's recent settlement with the country's largest banks. analytics ANALYTICS 63 Feature The Numbers Game Before the Numbers Gain: A strong data platform can turn statistics into success for mortgage professionals. 58 The Latest International Affair Hindering Housing 'Healing': Capital Economics goes on record, blaming the euro-zone crisis for a slow housing recovery stateside. 66 Local Edition MetLife Records Record-Breaking Commercial Developments: The financial institution recently released data showing significant gains in the commercial sector. 70 The Latest 'Is FHA Broke?': Lawmakers question the agency's stability during a recent meeting before Congress. 78 Local Edition AGA Petitions Federal Reserve, CFPB: Calling into question new laws that appear to oppose the Dodd-Frank Act, the appraisal group appeals to government organizations. secondary market SECONDARY MARKET 75 Feature The Last Word on Fannie and Freddie: The federal regulator responsible for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac surprised the mortgage industry in March with blueprints for a new, GSE-free secondary market. We examine six proposals currently in the pipeline. 6 | THE M REPORT

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