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TH E M R EP O RT | 3 CO NTE NTS 14 RECOVERY'S SHALLOW ROOTS Impending mortgage market challenges can make it hard to see the forest for the trees. 18 THE AGE OF THE VIRTUAL HANDSHAKE Lenders must reach out to meet their future millennial clients in their own environment—online. 22 THE VALUATION CONUNDRUM As Big Data and new technologies change the face of the housing industry, appraisers are working hard to adapt to greater demands and shorter timelines. SPECIAL SECTION 33 PROPERTY VALUATION GUIDE Take a look at the companies at the forefront of property valuation progress. DEPARTMENTS 4 MTECH Collaborations are the Name of the Game: Technology platforms, long-standing companies, and data providers join together to redefine the industry. 7 MDWELL Originations are on the Rise, and We Have Higher Credit Scores to Thank for it 8 MCROWD Who's moving on and who's moving up in the industry 10 TAKE 5 Tim Anderson, DocMagic, Inc.'s Director of eServices TH E M R EP O RT | 41 Special Advertorial Section PROPERTY VALUATIONS GUIDE U.S. Real Estate Services (USRES) StreetLinks Lender Solutions an Assurant Company CORPORATE PROFILE Now a vital part of the Assurant Mortgage Solutions family, StreetLinks Lender Solutions' roots date back to 1995, when it was a small, technology- focused Indiana appraisal firm. Over the next 20 years, the company grew into one of the largest appraisal management companies in the industry. In 2010, the company rebranded as StreetLinks Lender Solutions and continued to pave the way for the future of the mortgage industry, expanding beyond AMC services to develop a suite of innovative lending technology solutions. Due to its tremendous growth, Assurant, Inc., a leading provider of services to the mortgage industry, acquired StreetLinks in 2014, providing more opportunity to shape the ever-changing appraisal space. Today, as part of Assurant, StreetLinks continues to expand and enhance its appraisal services to maintain exceptional quality while serving as a true solution partner to its clients and appraisers. BUSINESS LINES, SERVICES AND PRODUCTS Key Benefit: StreetLinks understands that each business' valuation processes are unique and that a "one-size-fits-all" option can't be the right fit for everyone. StreetLinks offers a complete suite of appraisal management solutions, including its lender-executed appraisal management software, full-service appraisal management solution, and a suite of risk mitigation tools. It takes a partnership approach to ensure the right fit of products and features for your organization, in an effort to help you and your business better manage risk across the mortgage lifecycle. Products: • Full-service appraisal management • Lender-executed appraisal management software • Automated appraisal review solutions COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE • Exemplary Quality and Service: At StreetLinks, a favorite saying is, "Do things right, do right things." This attitude is personified in its commitment to quality and service. The company stands behind its work and aims to exceed your expectations every time. It's just what you'd expect from a business of Assurant, whose values are common sense, common decency, uncommon thinking, and uncommon results. • Risk Management: Risk is not something StreetLinks takes lightly. The StreetLinks solution suite is specifically designed to mitigate risk in multiple areas of the mortgage industry, including appraisal services, comp validation, automated appraisal review, and beyond. • Strong Foundation: StreetLinks is part of Assurant, a Fortune 500 leader in risk management services for the lending and mortgage industry. • Commitment to Appraisers: StreetLinks values its appraiser partners and aims to reward their loyalty on a daily basis. Its AppraiserPlus program removes the traditional hurdles of micromanagement and post-completion payment cycles and offers COD-style payment within one business day of the completed inspection. • Constant Compliance: StreetLinks knows how critical regulatory compliance is in today's lending market. Its compliance team keeps its finger on the pulse of regulatory changes in the industry and works diligently to adapt its solutions to better fit of the needs of its clients. • Growing Technology: As the needs of the mortgage industry grow, StreetLinks aims to provide more flexibility and customization through its diverse technology offering. From its lender-executed appraisal management software to its automated collateral underwriting solution, StreetLinks is reinventing the day-to-day processes that can truly make a difference in the success of your business. • Adaptability: Besides its broad range of valuation products, StreetLinks staff and advanced technologies are designed to scale with volume fluctuations caused by interest rates, seasonality and/or client growth to quickly fulfill your changing needs. • Outstanding Leadership: Its value proposition was built on, and its company is managed from, a depth of lending and appraisal experience that is uncommon in the industry. StreetLinks' key leadership team is comprised of industry veterans, including four key leaders who are licensed appraisers and two others who bring a combined 30 years' experience leading national mortgage origination platforms. KEY PERSONNEL Tom Hurst President Kelly Taylor SVP, Sales Chad Barker COO Mike Floyd Chief Appraiser and SVP, Compliance Donna DelMonte SVP, Technology Operations CONTACT INFORMATION Mike Brown VP, Sales Phone: 800.778.4920 Email: 444 E. Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46204 Phone: 866.794.6371 Regional offices: Tampa, Florida; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Springfield, Illinois Web: TH E M R EP O RT | 33 Special Advertorial Section PROPERTY VALUATIONS GUIDE Global DMS, LLC CORPORATE PROFILE Global DMS is a trusted solutions provider for thousands of clients, including banks, credit unions, mortgage lenders, brokers, appraisal management companies (AMCs), and individual appraisers. The company not only develops and delivers Web-based appraisal process management software for the real estate valuation industry, but it is also committed to leading and educating its colleagues in the use of valuation technology, regulatory compliance tools, valuation management, and workflow optimization. Global DMS is proud to host informative thought leadership panels with professionals from all sides of the real estate and mortgage valuation industry, seminars on current issues in the regulatory world, and other networking and educational events throughout the year. BUSINESS SCOPE Global DMS caters to both the residential real estate space, as well as the commercial real estate space, on a national scale. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Global DMS' mission is to offer clients a specialty boutique software experience that fulfills their need and budget for online valuation compliance technology. The company will continue to grow profitably and responsibly with the most technical, enthusiastic, and ethical employees by providing a great place to work and extraordinary advancement opportunities for every willing member of the organization. KEYS TO SUCCESS Global DMS' vision is focused on preserving trust in the collateralization process by being the No. 1 provider of online valuation compliance technology. Being the best means providing innovative technology, flexible solutions, superior client services, and value so that every client believes there is simply not a better return on investment available. The company's solution set is cost- effectively delivered on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) transactional basis that ensures compliance adherence, reduces costs, increases efficiencies, and expedites the entire real estate appraisal process. Global DMS' portfolio of services includes: eTrac Enterprise: Collateral valuation management software. eTrac is a one-stop, single- source solution for compliantly assigning, tracking, and reviewing appraisals for both commercial and residential transactions. The eTrac Enterprise platform is guaranteed to be in compliance with all government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs), federal, and state rules and regulations. MARS: Automated collateral review system identifies collateral risk automatically. Fully customizable and configurable, MARS uses a standard rule set covering hundreds of the most common errors and omissions points in addition to the Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD) rules verification as defined by the GSEs. MARS' automation reduces internal review times and helps managers make faster, more consistent, and better business appraisal decisions. Global Kinex: Provides seamless integration to the Uniform Collateral Data Portal (UCDP). Unlike other industry software, Global Kinex can be used by any lender and/or AMC regardless of what software it or its appraisers are using. eTrac Web Forms: Allows clients to produce appraisal reports entirely online, enabling appraisers to be completely mobile and autonomous. This simple solution will work on Windows PC, Macintosh, iPhone, Android, or any Internet browser. No installs, no PDF drivers, no hassles. Global Communicator: Used for marketing and sales purposes, Global Communicator gives companies the ability to better market their products, services, and/or upgrades to both potential clients and existing clients through efficient and personalized mass-emails. AVM/Data Analytics: Global DMS have partnered with several data providers to render accurate property valuations by utilizing in-depth area-based metrics, trending, and other important factors that are not typically taken into account when underwriting loans. BPO Production Platform: This platform covers BPO, appraisal inspection, and review. Choose from 24 pre-configured forms or create your own. Global DMS supports UAD format and offers PDF delivery. Comparable Map and Sketch and offline data entries are available. INDUSTRY AWARDS AND ACCOLADES Global DMS was a finalist in the 2014 Mortgage Technology Synergy Award and won the 2013 Mortgage Technology "Changing Valuations" Award; Ranked as a Top 50 Mortgage Tech Service provider (2009- 2014); Finalist in the 2013 Pennsylvania Governor's Impact Awards; earned a position among Inc. 5000 America's Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies (2011); received recommendation for MT's "Fix It" Award (2009); and gained recognition among Philadelphia's 100 Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies (2008-2010). KEY PERSONNEL Vladimir Bien-Aime President and CEO Matt McHale Chief Revenue Officer Jody Collup VP of Marketing Michael Quaranto VP of Development Mac Chiles SVP of Sales CONTACT INFORMATION 1555 Bustard Road, Suite 300 Lansdale, PA 19446 Phone: 877.866.2747 Email: Web: GDMS Blog: LinkedIn: global-dms Twitter: Facebook: GlobalDMS/ P R E S E N T S Property Valuation Guide TH E M R EP O RT | 33 Though the mortgage industry continues to evolve, the demand for accurate property valuations will remain the same. The methods companies use to determine those valuations, however, may not. Today's leading valuation companies are high-tech and in tune with client demands. In the first guide of the New Year, MReport is proud to feature 10 property valuation companies who are ahead of the curve in terms of innovation, quality, accuracy, and responsiveness. Without further ado, take a look at the companies at the forefront of property valuation progress.

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