December 2016 - Getting Serious About Diversity

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TH E M R EP O RT | 15 On October 23, The Mortgage Collective held their Red Lantern Party at MBA Annual in Boston. This marked the third event that the organization has hosted at MBA Annual. The party was open to all attendees and VIPs, including leaders in servicing and government. The host of the event was VRM Mortgage Services, the founder of The Mortgage Collective. Event co-hosts were • AnnieMac • DIMONT • Hightide Settlement Services • Loan Protector Insurance • PCV Murcor • Sutherland Mortgage Servicers. The Mortgage Collective is an "independent organization of forward-thinking solution providers and industry partners committed to changing the industry." In addition to develop- ing networking events to bring the industry together, the organization also focuses on thought leadership in the form of summits and forums and solution development by bringing together like-minded companies. To learn more about the Mortgage Collective, visit THE MORTGAGE COLLECTIVE RED LANTERN PARTY EXPOSURE

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