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TH E M R EP O RT | 21 © 2016 Fair Isaac Corporation. All rights reserved. Is your migration plan ready? Learn more about FICO ® Score 9, the most current and predictive FICO ® Score. no accountability means no action. Revisit both the goals and the ac- countability plan you set when you started and modify as needed. Litmus test: When was the last time your HR executive provided a progress report comparing today's workforce, including management and execu - tive teams, with the one you had six months ago? When is the last time you gave your board of directors a status update? Sweeping lackluster progress under the rug may spare you a few minutes of discomfort in a board meet - ing, but it won't do anything to help you move closer to your goals. • You're targeting the wrong results. Often, companies get fixated on correcting a particular department or job descrip- tion where women and minorities are especially underrepresented. While I applaud these focused efforts, I can't emphasize enough the trickle-down benefits of building a more diverse executive leadership team. It's the most effective way to fast track your com - pany's diversity and inclusion efforts. Litmus test: How has the composition of your management and executive teams evolved? Open your firm's web- site and go to the page that showcases your leadership team. Does it look diverse? This may be a wholly unsci- entific way of judging diversity, but it is what you're presenting to clients, potential job candidates, your industry, and your community. Be honest with yourself: What do you see? Achieving a diverse and inclusive workplace can be complex, but getting started is not. Too often, we hide behind excuses and create artificial challenges. By taking simple steps today, CEOs can make real progress and feel good about passing the baton to their succes - sors—who, with any luck, may not look anything like themselves. DEBORA AYDELOTTE , COO at Altavera Mortage Services, LLC has helped shape diversity and inclusion programs for national and global firms both in the United States and abroad—including Germany, India, and the U.K.—over the course of a decades-long career as an executive and advisor in the mortgage, banking, and fintech industries.

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