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TH E M R EP O RT | 31 P R E S E N T S As we embark on a new chapter in the mortgage industry, no one quite knows what plot twists and story arcs lay ahead. We suspect that while the scene will open on the familiar, arduous landscape of intense regulatory scrutiny, perhaps we may be soon find our footing on solid ground. The protagonists in our unfolding story will remain the same: aspiring millennial homeowners and dedicated mortgage and real estate professionals. The supporting role of the industry's technology providers will remain a critical component and will help drive the missions and aspirations of both consumers and professionals in the mortgage sector. We know that whatever may come, we can count on these dependable and inventive firms to carry our industry through the challenges that lie ahead. It will be the fine minds in the technology sector that help the industry once again adapt while continuing to heed the constant call from millennial consumers for "better, faster, stronger." In the following pages, we will introduce some of the companies who will undoubtedly play a starring role in the next chapter of our industry. Tech Guide Special Advertorial Section

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