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34 | TH E M R EP O RT SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION // TECHNOLOGY COMPANY GUIDE Clarocity Corporation CORPORATE PROFILE Clarocity develops next-generation valuation products and platform technologies for the banking and lending industries. The story of the company says it all: "Clarocity was born out of its desire to challenge conventional wisdom about residential real estate valuations. The company believed that taking a fresh approach to valuation meant more than just designing stunning new valuation reports. It meant starting from the ground up and building a foundation that would launch an entirely new wave of products and solutions. Leveraging new concepts like collaborative valuation required the company to develop innovative solutions that would efficiently engage thousands of vendors to work in concert in creating and delivering real estate valuations. Clarocity knew right away that it had gone beyond just changing the real estate valuation market. Clarocity reinvented it." COMPANY HISTORY Clarocity was born in 2016 out of the merger between Valuation Vision and Zaio Corporation. Its base technologies were born out of Valuation Vision, which was founded in 2011. BUSINESS LINES, SERVICES, AND PRODUCTS Clarocity offers valuation products and platform technologies for the mortgage and capital markets industry. The company licenses its products and technology to select strategic partners. Technologies available for licensing include: • MarketValue Pro (MVP) appraisal report • BPOMerge multi-opinion BPO • Appraisal quality compliance (AQC) review report • Clarocity valuation management platform COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Clarocity believes in a design-driven approach to developing client solutions. The company understands that a client-intimate approach to technology leads to innovative solutions unlike any of its competitors. ADDED VALUE TO CLIENTS The company enjoys delighting customers by solving their biggest valuation challenges. Clarocity's clients can't always see the solutions, so the company believes it is responsible for delivering innovative technologies that redefine what clients thought possible. KEYS TO SUCCESS Clarocity believes a key to its success is the tremendous amount of creativity the company brings to every client discussion. The company places a strong emphasis on ideation and execution to ensure that its products and technology continue to set new standards. Clarocity is passionate about delivering solutions that delights its customers and redefines what was thought possible. STRATEGIES AND GOALS FOR THE COMING YEAR This is the year of "next." Clarocity believes that there are huge shifts in the lending industry, and that next-generation solutions will support their clients' success. The company believes that the reliance on traditional appraisal will continue to shift to alternative solutions that provide credible results and manage risks. INDUSTRY AWARDS, ACCOLADES, AND MILESTONES • Named to the 2017 Tech list by a leading industry publication SPECIALTY, EXPERTISE, AND QUALITY CONTROL INITIATIVES Clarocity's specialty is delivering the technology that drives valuation services. Its software goes through rigorous real-world testing in the company's own valuation services labs. KEY PERSONNEL Shane Copeland CEO Ernie Durbin Chief Valuation Officer Dave Guebert CFO Bill Mohler Chief Product Officer Zan James COO STAFFING 25-50 employees CONTACT INFORMATION 3115 Melrose Drive, Suite 130 Carlsbad, CA 92010 Phone: 760.208.6400 Web:

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