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38 | TH E M R EP O RT SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION // TECHNOLOGY COMPANY GUIDE KEY PERSONNEL Michael Harris President & CEO Amy Bergseth Chief Operating Officer Doring Lloyd VP, Business Development Phil Gore Chief Technical Officer and Chief Architect CONTACT INFORMATION Doring Lloyd Phone: 847.716.5465 Email: 698 Vernon Ave., Glencoe, IL 60022 Phone: 847.835.4202 Web: Exceleras LLC CORPORATE PROFILE Exceleras is a leading provider of default software solutions for banks, servicers, sub servicers, capital market groups, and other mortgage and real estate industry professionals. Located in Glencoe, Illinois, and established in 2006, Exceleras has become one of the industry's fastest-growing firms in the U.S. Exceleras manages real estate transactions nationwide with a network of preferred partners supplying best-in-class services. BUSINESS SCOPE Exceleras enables companies from all parts of the real estate management and disposition business to collaborate effectively, including lenders, servicers, investors, outsourcers, agents and brokers, attorneys, and other service providers. The company targets several customer types: • Established servicer and asset management companies that may be looking for greater flex - ibility for customization, as well as proprietary system integration. • Real estate investors and hedge fund firms that are ready to move toward a web-based, paper - less transaction management platform. • Exceleras now offers a complete default and asset management solution to the nation's community-based nonprofit organizations, allowing them to manage real estate with the power to acquire, rehabilitate and sell homes in order to rebuild their communities. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Exceleras uses a true consultative approach to product development and customer service, resulting in an invaluable solution that is intuitive, flexible, and comprehensive across multiple client types. From real estate sales and management to software development, Exceleras combines industry experience that translates directly into products that expedite client processes, ensure compliance, and reduce loss severity. BUSINESS LINES, SERVICES, AND PRODUCTS • DispoSolutions is an advanced default property disposition tool that offers unparal- leled workflow and process customization for real estate portfolios of any size. Its robust task-based system enhances communication between all parties involved in a transaction. • ValueSolutions provides an all-inclusive valua - tion platform that is simple to use and entirely flexible. ValueSolutions fosters better com- munication between parties and provides ac- curate information, as well as unique benefits such as automated vendor payments. • Pre-foreclosure management is a platform that provides the banker, investor, or servicer the ability to track all tasks associated with preservation or valuation, monitoring them all in one platform. • ClearView offer management allows buyer's agents and listing agents to submit offers directly to a bank or servicer instead of restrict - ing sales through the listing agent. Sellers gain visibility to all offer traffic, resulting in more offers, less fraud, and shortened market time. • Consumer property search allows buyers of real estate nationwide to visit one online location for access to a multitude of list - ing agents and sellers. Vendor Management provides customers with the ability to search a nationwide database of agents, attorneys, title and settlement companies, and contrac - tors. Auction management provides stream- lined auctions, direct from the DispoSolutions dashboard. For properties that are not selling effectively through traditional means in their lo- cal markets, this gives sellers an opportunity to reach an established, nationwide group of real estate investor buyers with no fees. "Banks, mortgage lenders, servicers, investors, and community-based organizations are all finding it necessary to better manage their real estate assets. Our software gives them the power to do more. Our ability to provide customized software through a consultative and collaborative process is making us an ideal partner for these real estate owners." —Michael Harris, President and CEO Exceleras R

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