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44 | TH E M R EP O RT Leading Ladies Min Lee Alexander SVP REAL ESTATE SERVICES, ALTISOURCE A first-generation American, Min Lee Alexander epitomizes how inclusion and innovation can propel common goals. "For more than 17 years, she has continuously exemplified strong and collaborative female leadership through her continuous drive, energy, and dedication, not only at Altisource but within the housing industry overall," said a co-worker. Alexander has a proven track record of revitalizing underperforming organizations, driving business development, and consistently exceeding revenue targets. As director of day-to-day global operations, strategy, and business development for the Real Estate Services division, Alexander has quite a calendar. Not to mention that she manages a $6 billion residential real estate portfolio in excess of 50,000 assets annually and leads 500-plus employees across business units in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. In spite of her busy schedule though, Alexander is proactive in mentorship programs and leadership panels that assist young women looking to mirror her efforts in the real estate realm. Nickalene Badalamenti- Kalas PRESIDENT, FIVE BROTHERS DEFAULT MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS "Loyal, determined, accountable, confident, positive, and engaged" are just a sampling of the glowing terms employees use when describing Nickalene Badalamenti-Kalas. "She is a motivating and inspirational leader that continues to enhance our workforce by providing employees with the tools needed to succeed," a staffer said. Bucking an industry-wide trend, females make up the majority of Five Brothers' workforce. As a result, many women take full advantage of Badalamenti- Kalas' door-is-always-open policy, turning to her for input and counsel both professionally and personally. "As a mother of three who has been in the workforce for over 30 years balancing her work/ home life, she is able to provide our female workforce with valuable information to help them grow and succeed," a colleague shared. "Nickie leads with dignity and grace and makes Five Brothers a place to call home." Mary Bane VP REGIONAL PRODUCTION, LOANDEPOT Espousing a "you don't work for me, I work for you" motto, Mary Bane is the brand of boss who fosters an environment of equality and makes coming to work a pleasure. "She instills the qualities of loyalty and trust and teaches her team members and colleagues the importance of education and relationship building," a co-worker said. With an industry tenure spanning 25-plus years, Bane also knows firsthand the struggles females face in a male- dominated field and channels that to help other women build self-esteem. Besides advocating for females, Bane bides her off time in ways that benefit others: She is an active philanthropist who donates her time and money to such charities such as Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Ronald McDonald House. Each year, she rallies a group of team members and their families to participate in the annual Mother's Day Race for the Cure 5K. Michelle Bobart SVP, GUARANTEED RATE It stands to reason that Michelle Bobart has amassed a spate of industry accolades over the years. A leading mortgage banker in Chicagoland, she has a flair for forging lifelong relationships with customers. "Her unique, client-focused approach results in flawless transactions and helps guide her clients to their financial goals," one of Bobart's cohorts said. That uncommon approach also extends to her circle of women colleagues and friends. "Michelle continues to inspire and mentor fellow female employees, whether it be professionally or personally," a peer said. "She leads by example, teaching young women to always give back to the community." A couple of noteworthy cases: Bobart serves on the board for nonprofit organization Stepping Stones Network, where she helps provide restorative care to victims of sexual exploitation and works with the community to engage and prevent. She also volunteers at the Cook County Jail, leading Bible study to women behind bars. Lori Brewer FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT, LBA WARE An Air Force veteran, Lori Brewer has always taken a road all her own—and that's just what she did when founding LBA Ware in 2008 amidst an economic downturn and the housing crisis to boot. Since launching the company, Brewer has led the industry toward a digital evolution—one in which manual tasks are automated, time-consuming processes are easier, and the customer experience is more convenient from start to finish. Last year, with Brewer's leadership, LBA Ware increased its client base by 300 percent, calculated over $400 million in compensation, and decreased its clients' average cost-per-loan by 38 percent. "At my core, I am a problem solver," she said. "I thrive off the thrill of automating manual tasks, and I love that LBA Ware has carved out a niche in our industry, an industry poised for a technologically driven transformation, and I'm confident LBA Ware will continue to contribute to that transformation."

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