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TH E M R EP O RT | 3 CO NTE NTS TH E M R EP O RT | 39 SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION // COMPLIANCE COMPANY INDEX Global DMS Quality Mortgage Services KEY PERSONNEL Tommy A. Duncan CEO Claudia E. Duncan President Laura Kate Davis VP of QC & Operations Sarang Farhangi IT & Systems Engineer STAFFING 26 Employees CONTACT INFORMATION 321 Billingsly Court, Suite 15, Franklin, TN 37067 Phone: 615.591.2528 Website: Email: CORPORATE PROFILE Quality Mortgage Services (QMS) is a recognized leader in mortgage audit services, quality control procedures and mortgage technology solutions. With over 25 years' experience in mortgage bank- ing audits, QMS is a full-service risk management and mortgage compliance solutions company that provides mortgage loan analysis results for mortgage bankers, lenders, and brokers nationwide through its innovative proprietary MARS QC software. The QMS team of QC mortgage audit profession- als is ready to execute QC functions and provide mortgage QC so today's lenders have the best mort- gage loan analysis reports possible. QMS ensures organizational compliance, providing current updates, as well as QC plans, reporting, and analytical tools that encompass all relevant government regulations. QMS performs regulatory reviews and mortgage analysis to strengthen existing QC programs, reduce mortgage repurchases, and minimize exposure to costly litigation. COMPANY HISTORY Quality Mortgage Services was formed in 1992. Tommy A. Duncan, CEO, has been with QMS since its earnest beginnings. The company was founded by his father, Tom Duncan, an industry veteran in financial services compliance and due diligence. Both father and son successfully grew the company into a premier provider of mortgage QC services. Claudia Duncan took over daily operations at QMS as President early last year, bringing a unique set of global business and marketing experience that has already made an impact on the innovative direction of the company. BUSINESS LINES, SERVICES, AND PRODUCTS • Pre-funding QC audits • Post-closing QC audits • QCVerify automated verification • MERS audits • HMDA audits and support • Anti-money laundering audits • MARS QC software KEY FEATURES/BENEFITS • Advanced and intuitive QC software • Interactive management portal • Current Fannie Mae reporting • Trending and analytical tools • Custom audits and reports • Management Action Plan (MAP) • Area of Responsibility (AOR) • QC vendor testing capabilities • Agency auditing modules • Customized client-specific audits COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Quality Mortgage Services offers effectiveness and objectiveness advantages over in-house mortgage auditing, as well as the competition. QMS is able to ensure mortgage fraud detection and risk prevention efforts are rigorous and unbiased. ADDED VALUE TO CLIENTS Quality Mortgage Services is committed to partner- ship and providing excellence in its services with key benefits including: • Superior customer service • Real-time report access and delivery • Extensive QC report offering • Flexible solutions and services • QC vendor performance matrix • Custom software development KEYS TO YOUR SUCCESS QMS attributes its industry success to their commit- ment to stay abreast of constant regulatory, compli- ance, and technology changes, while consistently producing solutions that meet industry and client expectations. Because QMS is a boutique technol- ogy firm, trending solutions can be readily custom- ized for each client. STRATEGIES AND GOALS FOR 2018 QMS continues to expand their product offering based on both client and industry demands. Building on the backbone of MARS and launching innovative products, such as QCVerify, QMS remains dedicated to their mission to empower mortgage lenders. SPECIALTY, EXPERTISE, AND QUALITY CONTROL INITIATIVES QMS specializes in innovative QC and audit services that evolve alongside industry regulatory and compli- ance change. Built on long-standing expertise, the QMS offering is deployed through MARS QC Software, a platform that is powerful enough to also be a standalone solution for lenders. TESTIMONIAL "QMS has a great team. It is nice to know that we can pick up the phone and call QMS when any questions or when help is needed. With all the recent agency regulations, it has been a challenge to meet all the new QC guidelines but QMS has made this requirement a lot easier for us." —Phyliss Hilger, VP, Quality Control, Howard Hanna Mortgage Services 16 A BALANCING ACT WITH COMPLIANCE REGULATION Compliance has been a top concern for mortgage professionals for the past several years. From implementation and technological difficulties to being left in a state of uncertainty—how can the industry keep focus on the core mission of serving the housing market and making the American Dream more accessible? 22 THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF TITLE Will blockchain technology take over the title insurance industry? 26 ENSURING VETERAN LENDING IS IN SAFE HANDS Here are the top five VA loan myths that damage the industry and the truth behind them. 30 NAVIGATING THE MORTGAGE ECOSYSTEM The need for compliance, data, technology, and management to co-exist is greater than ever as originators look to tighten timelines and streamline processes. SPECIAL SECTION 35 COMPLIANCE COMPANY INDEX MReport proudly presents the proven service providers who have helped the industry address the strict regulatory environment of the past few years. DEPARTMENTS 4 MTECH Talking Technology 10 TAKE 5 David Mondrus, CEO of Trive 12 MCROWD Who's moving on and who's moving up in the industry 38 | TH E M R EP O RT SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION // COMPLIANCE COMPANY INDEX Global DMS KEY PERSONNEL Vladimir Bien-Aime President and CEO Jody Collup CMO/Operations Director Michael Quaranto CSO/VP of Technology Julie Bussey VP of Sales Mac Chiles VP of Sales CONTACT INFORMATION 1555 Bustard Road, Suite 300 Lansdale, PA 19446 Phone: 877.866.2747 Email: Web: GDMS Blog: LinkedIn: global-dms Twitter: Facebook: GlobalDMS/ CORPORATE PROFILE Global DMS is a leading provider of commercial and residential real estate valuation solutions catering to lenders, banks, AMCs, appraisers, and other real estate entities for all lending business channels. The company's solution set is cost-effectively delivered on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) transactional basis that ensures compliance adherence, reduces costs, increases efficiencies, prevents errors, and expedites the entire real estate appraisal and valuation process. COMPANY HISTORY Global DMS was founded in 1999 by Vladimir Bien-Aime, a Web application developer with deep domain experience in the appraisal space. The company started with the goal of bringing efficiency and mobility to the appraisal industry leveraging Web-based software and has since grown into the leading provider of web-based compliant valuation management software. Global DMS has expanded its solution set to cater to lenders, banks, AMCs, and individual appraisers. The company's centralized platform is proven to automate the entire valuation process and keep organizations in compliance. BUSINESS LINES, SERVICES, AND PRODUCTS eTrac: Global DMS's flagship product is eTrac Enterprise, a Web-based single-source valuation management system that centralizes and compliantly automates all aspects of the valuation process: vendor management, order, assign, track, review, deliver, sell, and accounting functions. eTrac allows company-specific configurable workflows and real-time management reporting. Global Kinex: Compliantly and efficiently delivers appraisals to the GSEs' Uniform Collateral Data Portal (UCDP) and FHA's EAD. MARS: Proprietary automated review system identifies collateral risk, scores each appraisal report's individual risks, report findings, extracts the PDF from the MISMO XML file, and delivers the data to GSEs or other investors. eTrac WebForms: Produces appraisal and BPO reports entirely online, allowing real estate professionals to be completely mobile and autonomous. AVM/Data Products: eTrac incorporates the best-of-breed AVM models from the industry and provides access to the most robust data products available to increase valuation accuracy. Global Communicator: Facilitates client communication with their staff, vendors, and loan originators utilizing mass email. KEY FEATURES/BENEFITS eTrac provides a user interface that allows lenders and AMCs to easily communicate and transact with appraisers working in the field. The company's software offers an appraiser-facing application that provides individual appraisers with a solution to manage receiving orders, keep track of appraisals, create reports, and deliver them. eTrac provides automated submission to EAD and UCDP. eTrac, also allows customers to manage and drive their internal workflows and preferences. Real-time reporting is also provided. Global DMS integrates tightly with leading LOS providers, allowing clients to have access to all of eTrac's features to manage the appraisal process without ever having to leave their LOS, thus reducing errors and further streamlining the appraisal process. Global DMS offers a mobile application for appraisers operating in the field. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Unlike many of its competitors, Global DMS has developed a custom platform and solution set that automates the entire valuation management process. Some vendors, however, only focus on certain parts of the appraisal process, while Global DMS handles everything via its all-in-one centralized valuation management platform. Global DMS offers numerous apps, allowing each client to pick and choose which apps they need for their business. All apps work seamlessly with eTrac including workflow, automated report builders, and Automated Review. In addition, Global DMS has developed standardized and open integration methods for its platform using industry standards like MISMO, so AMCs and LOS vendors can do business with any of their partners. Global DMS is a highly innovative, entrepreneurial, nimble, customer-centric, and cost- effective partner. KEYS TO YOUR SUCCESS Contemporary, sophisticated valuation software that is completely Web-based, easy to implement, and proven to be highly effective. Innovative, forward- thinking coupled with nimble responsiveness to customers. Deep experience with appraisals and overall knowledge of the mortgage industry. Global DMS is intensely focused on a commitment to customer service and ongoing client relations and collaboration. In response to the Great Recession, the industry spelled out specific protocol in order to get things back on track, making increased attention to regulatory compliance imperative. MReport proudly presents the proven service providers who have helped the industry address the strict regulatory environment of the past few years. These companies will be ready to adjust to serve the industry with whatever comes next. Turn the page to discover the service providers who are ahead of the curve to keep the industry running strong and in compliance amid any changes. COMPLIANCE COMPANY INDEX P R E S E N T S Special Advertorial Section TH E M R EP O RT | 35

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