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TH E M R EP O RT | 5 MTECH services company that provides personal banking, business banking, and private wealth management services. The bank serves personal clients as well as a broad range of commercial clients, including many in multi - family real estate. First Foundation Bank will add a set of advanced digital offerings and continue its long-term rela- tionship with Fiserv for use of the Precision core account process- ing platform. The added digital offerings include Architect TM , a comprehensive system that will support the bank's multi- generational retail clients, and Commercial Center SM , which will provide an integrated delivery system to scale high-demand commercial banking services. First Foundation Bank selected these solutions for their technical capac - ity, integration capability, mobile delivery options, and ability to help minimize risk and counter fraud. "Our organization is grow - ing quickly, and one of our largest markets is California, where expectations for dy- namic technology are incredibly high," said Jami DeHaven, SVP, Enterprise Delivery Services, First Foundation Bank. "Our existing relationship with Fiserv gave us the confidence to partner with them to build a comprehensive framework to deliver an experi - ence that exceeds our clients' expectations while enabling our people to do their jobs efficiently and manage change during rapid growth." The added digital solutions are part of a broader initiative at the bank to build a highly integrated enterprise services framework that will streamline both the cus - tomer and employee experience. The bank's multifamily lending solution, LendingLink, will be a key part of this framework. In addition, First Foundation Bank engaged Fiserv to design an intranet service portal to manage internal collaboration and leverage dynamic forms and data delivery services to automate a wide range of internal, client-facing processes. "First Foundation Bank and Fiserv have developed a strategic relationship that benefits both the bank and its customers," said Todd Horvath, President, Bank Solutions, Fiserv. "Teams at Fiserv and the bank have worked side by side on a number of projects that support the bank's ongoing transformation. We understand First Foundation Bank's vision and our team is committed to supporting the evolving needs of the bank as it continues to grow." DocMagic Acquires over 300M Signatures THE COMPANY PASSED A NEW MILESTONE IN PROCESSING MORTGAGE-RELATED ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES. D ocMagic, the provider of fully-compliant loan document preparation, regulatory compliance, and com- prehensive eMortgage services, announced that it has processed more than 300 million mortgage- related electronic signatures. "Borrower demand is driving the increase in eSignings, and lenders are choosing DocMagic to get a consistent, compliant eSigning solution that spans the original loan estimate (LE) to the final closing disclosure (CD)," said Dominic Iannitti, President and CEO of DocMagic. "Lenders know DocMagic is the go-to choice for compliance. We reached 300 mil- lion eSignatures because we have solved lenders' No. 1 burden for the past two years—electronic evi- dence of TRID compliance—while enabling them to stay competitive and enhance the overall borrower experience." This milestone achievement is the direct result of increased adop- tion of several DocMagic technolo- gies that feature its comprehensive eSigning platform, which can be accessed as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) or on-premise enterprise platform. Each of DocMagic's digi- tal platforms reports a significant increase in volume, which the company attributes to lenders' growing need to prove a TRID- compliant, 100 percent paperless mortgage process. "A lot of existing DocMagic customers adopted our eSign tech - nology because it's so much easier to access and use than other plat- forms," added Iannitti. "We were already integrated with the vast majority of LOS systems, so pro- viding eSigning functionality was a logical extension of our service. We also added new integrations, which brought onboard new eSigning customers. Having an eSign technology that can draw new customers while expanding use among existing customers shows the ubiquitous need for the functionality DocMagic's technol - ogy provides." New Mortgage Solutions Venture Announced HELLO SOLUTIONS WILL PROVIDE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SOLUTIONS TO THE MORTGAGE DEFAULT INDUSTRY. L eisha Delgado recently an- nounced the launch of her new venture, Hello Solu- tions. A Clearwater, Florida-based firm, Hello Solutions provides business development solutions to the mortgage default industry. In this role, Delgado represents mortgage default law firms pas- sionate about service and results and drives growth opportunities, while strengthening their existing client relationships. Delgado most recently served as VP of Client Development for Firm Solutions. There she led the sales organiza - tion and client relations team. Before that, she served as a Relationship Manager for Clarifire, where she worked with prospective new clients to deliver innovative and efficient workflow solutions. Prior to Clarifire, Delgado acted as Project Manager for Nationwide Title Clearing, serving as company liaison for top servicers and inves - tors in matters related to second- ary market transactions, portfolio analysis, and research. "Borrower demand is driving the increase in eSignings and lenders are choosing DocMagic to get a consistent, compliant eSigning solution that spans the original loan estimate to the final closing disclosure." —Dominic Iannitti, President and CEO, DocMagic

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