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FEATURE Enhancing Your Assets technology revolution that's enhancing the industry's evolution. By Abby Gregory Mortgage Builder's corporate VP, Kelli Himebaugh, on the E the marketplace—literally. Spending almost two decades in finance and sales within the homebuilding sector, Himebaugh has a unique skill that's been invaluable to Mortgage Builder, where she currently serves as corporate VP. ven before she decided to make the move to the mortgage banking industry in 2003, Kelli Himebaugh was focused on building progress in tive with MReport, Himebaugh discussed the digital advance- ments, adaptation strategies, and finance by taking on a role with Guaranty Bank, Himebaugh teamed up with Mortgage Builder in 2008 to head up the company's development and growth for its Western region and was promoted in 2010 to lead Mortgage Builder's newly formed client development department. By 2011, Himebaugh had established herself as an in- tegral part of Mortgage Builder's success, and the company recognized her accomplishments, appointing her as a VP. Sharing her dynamic perspec- Joining the field of housing compliance initiatives that are making a difference in today's lending environment. M // On a national level, what technology trends both positive and negative are you observing throughout the housing finance vertical? HIMEBAUGH // We are seeing mostly positive trends. There are consolidations going on, and whether that seems like a good or bad thing depends on your perspective, especially if you are the acquirer. It's rather like it was following the mortgage crash for originators in the sense that those remaining in the aftermath have done quite well because many of their competitors exited the space. Another positive is the migration toward cloud services, which has reduced costs for many in the mortgage business. Having great technology used to mean large upfront expenditures for licens- ing, hosting, and implementation. Now, mortgage companies of al- most any size can afford the best LOS systems available and pay by the loan, keeping costs variable instead of fixed. M // With the abundance of policy and resulting adaptation issues in the marketplace, what key concerns are at the forefront for your company's clients? HIMEBAUGH // Speed, conve- nience, and ease of use are con- stant concerns for clients. These days, companies are looking at the emerging trends as "must haves," such as mobile device support, electronic document management, and digital delivery capabilities. These are expected now, along with Software as a Service/cloud services. M // What new initiatives and strategies are emerging within Mortgage Builder to address these issues? HIMEBAUGH // We've always stayed current with technology developments and tools, but this year we have released the most dramatic enhancement to Mortgage Builder's platform in 14 years. It is also comes with a new name, "Architect," and brings a new aesthetic to the LOS business. M // How are current challenges affecting and prompting alterations for loan servicing and the retention of servicing rights, as specific to small to mid-sized companies and lenders? HIMEBAUGH // There is a lot going on here. All in all, the servicing technology industry stands to gain new life from the shift toward retained servicing. Lenders have learned that they are still liable for mistakes made by subservicers, and they are often better served by keeping those processes where they can see them clearly. People forget THE M REPORT | 29

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