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FEATURE that this is the way it was for a very long time before subservic- ing and master servicing became a way of life. Thirty years ago, you were expected to service your own loans in order to be considered a mortgage banker. M // What digital developments are working now to facilitate success in the servicing sector? HIMEBAUGH // With more lenders interested in servicing their own loans, we're seeing a new emphasis on loan servicing software (LSS). What's old is new again, and the dominant "big iron" configurations will be joined with offerings geared specifically for these new servicers, like the new G/Serv, due out in early 2013. Additionally, small and mid- sized lenders are seeing the benefits to controlling their own fate by servicing loans, but the software options have never been as varied as with the LOS choices. Mortgage Builder ac- quired our sister company, GCC, last summer, and we're giving their popular G/Serv platform a makeover to capitalize on the common DNA with our LOS technology. This is an important development for the mid-tier and larger lenders, as it represents the only "paired" LOS and LSS of- fering from a private firm to hit the market. There are many advantages was for that segment, and bor- rower profiles are changing just as loan qualification requirements have changed. The homebuilding industry is on the tip of the spear for consumer trends, so we can expect their products to closely mirror buyers' concerns for prod- uct quality and value retention. M // As corporate VP for Mortgage Builder, what communication and leadership methods are you utilizing now to help your team remain future-focused while operating in an unpredictable industry? to this, including the respective platforms' ability to talk to each other seamlessly. Currently, even servicing systems that have been integrated with front-end plat- forms generally require manual intervention to board loans over to the LSS. Having them working on the same technology frame- work, as Mortgage Builder's sys- tems do, prevents that additional step—and expense. There are also benefits to the symbiotic look and feel of the platforms, with user experiences that are more similar and consistent throughout the client's organization. 30 | THE M REPORT M // Having started your career in the homebuilding sector, how has your previous experience impacted your role in shaping growth initiatives for Mortgage Builder? HIMEBAUGH // Homebuilding is an essential industry for the economy's well-being, and always has been, with its cascading effect of goods and services needed to build the house and turn it into a home. My early experience in different types of homebuilding gave me an appreciation for its importance, and that harmonizes well with our way of thinking at Mortgage Builder. M // What improvements or declines are you anticipating throughout the next 12 months for homebuilders? HIMEBAUGH // I think home- builders are learning fast that the market will trend toward value as buyers watch their budgets more closely. Does that mean "McMansions" are a thing of the past? Probably not, but there is not as much capital as there once HIMEBAUGH // Mortgage Builder has always had a very tight focus and an extremely well-aligned team. Having one business, lend- ing technology, and spending all our time and resources improv- ing our offerings, is a prime reason we've thrived throughout the crisis years. My leadership strategies involve leveraging the tremendous reputation the com- pany's developed and commu- nicating our message of quality products and the industry's best customer service, both inside and outside the company. Our Lenders One relationship illus- trates how well Mortgage Builder fits within the mid-tier and larger market segment, as we share many of the same values that have made us all successful. Another aspect that connects us well as a leader in this market is that we are privately held and strategically nimble. We reinvest the lion's share of our profits back into the company for re- search and development instead of paying out dividends to inves- tors, adding value for our users that pays dividends of a different kind—customer loyalty. So, my leadership and com- munications approach is right in tune with the Mortgage Builder corporate culture. We're a closely knit team that communicates extremely well with our clients and with each other.

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