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FEATURE Enhance the Brand D enhancing your brand while you defend it. That's the advice from Frank Eliason, Citi's director of social media—a position he took after running online media for the often-maligned Comcast, no easy task. "Most companies are doing Twitter to quiet people down," Eliason told American Banker last May. "But you can take this information customers are providing and bring tangible improvements to your busi- ness. If you're doing this to shut people up, you'll attract more naysayers." on't just react to catastro- phes, though: Be proactive, authenticity. "Convincing the early stakeholders of the value of encouraging authentic conversations—both positive and negative—is the first step," Vaughn said. You can establish that bond by generating your own content—content that connects with consumers' needs, emotional and practical. Ally Basak Russell, a compliance officer at Hearsay Social, recommends creating social content that humanizes your operation—"seasonal stories, stories about corporate philanthropy, contests, and educational resources," plus employee photos and dates that In a word, that means are important to the firm—and don't forget to personalize the voice in an upbeat way. There's one other thing, plenty of how-to advice on mortgage matters. Scared yet? Don't be. Russell writes in a blog post for the ABA Banking Journal: "Hearsay Social research indicates a six times increase in engagement level as measured by likes, comments, and shares, when companies incorporate local news, events, and preferences into content," she writes. "This may include info on a local football game, charity event, or promotions aimed at the city's sports teams." And you can never go wrong doing "service journalism"— giving would-be customers Consumers like Ann Minch want to be on your side; you just have to give them a reason to stay there. With that in mind, despite the risks and costs associated with running a robust social media operation, it's rewarding and revolutionary. "In the past, organizations had to get lucky to get media coverage," writes William C. Reichard, president of CrossCut Communications LLC. That's no longer the case—and that's why you should embrace Reichard's advice: "Just get started and don't get left behind!" Will You Demand More? Demand more than inaccurate AVMs and outdated 'rules engines' with StreetLinks' new Automated Examination & Valuation solutions. Bring your process up to speed with QX today! p: 1.800.521.6926 | e: | THE M REPORT | 33

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