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CONTENTS origination 43 ORIGINATION Feature Fraud Alert! What the rise in online lending means for mortgage-related deceit. 40 The Latest Are Bright Days Ahead for Homebuilders? Falling inventory levels are mitigating market risks, leading Moody's to project strong forecasts for the homebuilding sector. 45 Local Edition You've Got Mail! A unique industry study shows rising volumes of mortgage-related direct mail, potentially heralding good news for the marketplace. servicing 52 SERVICING Feature Land Sharks: For lenders, appraisers, and AMCs, future success depends on heeding early-warning signs. 50 The Latest Task Force Targets Chase with Lawsuit: Announcing a Martin Act suit against the big bank, the RMBS Working Group is going after the financial institution for alleged fraudulent practices. 54 Local Edition Dual Tracking Complaints Increased After Settlement: Releasing the state's first monthly report, California's servicing settlement monitor shed light on the "dual tracking" trend. analytics 62 ANALYTICS Feature Survival Instincts: Homebuilders remaining intact post-crisis are setting the pace, establishing a new standard for industry success. 58 The Latest Home Prices Avoid Usual Seasonal Retreat: Redfin's recent housing market report showed strong September findings in diverse areas of the country. 64 Local Edition Home Sales Up Annually in Connecticut: Though median pricing is declining in the state, home sales are on the uptick, rising by nearly 12 percent year- over-year. secondary market SECONDARY MARKET 76 Feature The Situation Room: Despite upheaval over the Employment Situation report, there's little truth to the "truther" movement. 72 The Latest FHFA Proposes Increased G-fees: Regional real estate markets are in the spotlight on Capitol Hill as the FHFA considers plans to raise guarantee fees according to states' pace of recovery. 78 Local Edition Wells, JPMorgan Post Record Quarterly Profits: Third-quarter findings for both financial institutions were on the uptick, with rising originations playing a role in the improvements. 4 | THE M REPORT LPS

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