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TH E M R EP O RT | 3 CO NTE NTS 16 THE NEW TECHNOLOGY MIX As the mortgage industry looks to add the latest technology to its systems and processes, ex- perts give insights into how lenders can strike a balance between different technologies and how it can help in building customer relationships. 22 THE SCRAMBLE FOR INNOVATION Real estate is next in line for a tech transfor- mation. 26 MEETING IN THE MIDDLE New tech options are creating the perfect con- vergence between relationships and convenience. 30 PEEKING BEHIND DOOR NO. 3 Emerging options in LOS technology allow lenders to choose the path that fits their needs. SPECIAL SECTION 33 TECH GUIDE 2019 Secure your competitive advantage with these companies that are riding the forefront of industry change. DEPARTMENTS 4 MTECH Better, Faster, Smarter 10 TAKE 5 Adam Thorpe, CEO, Castle & Cooke Mortgage, LLC 11 MDWELL Ups and Downs of Home Flips Cities where home flipping is either booming or breaking down. 12 MCROWD Who's moving on and who's moving up in the industry

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