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10 | M R EP O RT MTECH Increasing Scalability for Digital Closings ENDPOINT UNVEILS ENHANCED TITLE AND ESCROW OFFERINGS E ndpoint, a digital title and settlement company, has launched new proprietary solutions specifically tailored for proptech companies, investors, and tech-forward real estate organizations looking for a scal- able digital closing platform to support their growth. Endpoint's new solutions, combined with their team of experienced clos- ing specialists, reduces the time and costs associated with clos- ing real estate transactions. "At Endpoint, we've built our company around the singular mission of making the real estate closing experience as seamless as possible. The combination of our proprietary technology built specifically for the purchase trans- action, centralized team of closing experts, and expanded nationwide reach makes Endpoint the right partner for proptech companies and investors," said Scott Martino, CEO of Endpoint. "Endpoint offers a fully digital experience, as well as the confidence, expertise, and deep resources that comes from our association with First American, a premier provider of title, settlement, and risk solu- tions." Endpoint has rapidly grown its footprint across the country, and the company is now licensed in 36 states, with plans to be in 43 by the end of 2022. Endpoint now offers a suite of APIs that automatically opens orders, tracks transaction status, exchanges documents, and pro- vides custom reporting features and notifications. These integra- tion capabilities, combined with experienced closing teams in offices across the country, provide enterprise clients with a consistent digital closing experience at the national level that supports their businesses as they scale. "At its core, Endpoint is digitiz- ing and automating the title and settlement process and has built a national platform that delivers consistency, security, and cost sav- ings by leveraging technology and the experience of seasoned closing specialists," said Paul Hurst, CIO with First American. "Now, with the ability to operate at scale, Endpoint offers proptech compa- nies, investors, and other tech-for- ward organizations the advantage of embedding a purchase-centric platform into their applications, without the challenge of building or purchasing a title company." By Mortgage Profes- sionals, for Mortgage Professionals MLOFLO RELEASES NEW CRM M loflo has announced the release of its mort- gage CRM, developed by mortgage experts, specifi- cally for the needs of mortgage professionals. "We understand the pres- sures of being a top producer because we've been there," Mloflo Co-Founder Derrick Doss said. "That's why we built Mloflo with proven practices to grow your business baked right in. We're more than a platform; we're a suc- cess system. Mloflo will constant- ly monitor the activities of your contacts and flag you with leads and opportunities to deepen your network. Thousands of successful mortgage professionals have used this proven system." Mloflo was designed to break down traditional communication silos in lending. Each mortgage and real estate professional will be able to see the details of the status of a loan, receive alerts, and com- municate with the borrower to enable lightning-fast approvals and increased customer satisfaction. "We have embedded the secrets of top mortgage professionals into our software to help MLOs scale their business," Mloflo Co-Founder Adam Zima said. "They'll be able to easily navi- gate through the entire mortgage approval process, track their pipe- line, and quickly check the status of all their loans. If one of their contacts is taking action indicat- ing a lead, they'll receive an alert. In addition, their dashboard will display their key business metrics and next steps." Advancing a Fully Digital Closing BLEND LAUNCHES THREE NEW ECLOSING OFFERINGS C loud banking provider Blend has announced the availability of three new eClosing products to provide borrowers with a fully online mortgage closing experience: Blend eVault, a repository of electronic promissory notes available through the platform; Blend Signing Room, Blend's re- mote online notarization (RON) solution; and Blend RON Eli- gibility Engine, which provides RON-eligibility information. The three new offerings build upon the Blend Close solution— which has been adopted by more than 135 lenders, more than 33,000 settlement agents, and 9,500 title agencies—to provide lenders with advanced digital capability, which can lead to accelerated pre- and post-closing cycle times and reduced overhead. "The last two years have underscored the essential need for lenders to have a completely digital end-to-end mortgage solu- tion," said Nima Ghamsari, Head of Blend. "With these three new offerings, Blend Close now offers tremendous capability to provide a truly seamless digital experience to consumers, while passing on cost and time savings for lenders." Blend eVault provides functional- ity within the Blend platform to generate, sign, and register MISMO eNotes with MERS, improving data quality while simultaneously expediting the delivery of notes into the secondary market at a reduced time and lower cost. Blend Signing Room is a streamlined remote online no- tarization (RON) platform that enables Blend Close customers to participate in fully digital clos- ings, integrated directly into the borrower app. Borrowers get a unified and consistent experience from end to end, using the same Blend login credentials to activate the signing ceremony. Blend's RON Eligibility Engine feature immediately flags ap- plications so that staff can see, at a glance, key RON-eligibility information on each loan. With a patchwork of disparate RON requirements across states and reporting jurisdictions, layered atop underwriter policies, it can be difficult to determine whether a particular loan is eligible to be notarized remotely. "The last two years have underscored the essential need for lenders to have a completely digital end-to- end mortgage solution." —Nima Ghamsari, Head, Blend

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