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32 | M R EP O RT An MReport Issue Featuring Five Star Conference's Awards Finalists What Others Are Saying "Jaime Burgess rose swiftly through the ranks at Mr. Cooper, shattering every glass ceiling encountered with grace and ingenuity. Leading by example, she is brilliant, intuitive, empathetic, and engaging. These qualities coupled with Jaime's significant, well-rounded knowledge base and experience level have earned her the trust and respect of her employees, attorney network, and executive leadership at Mr. Cooper. Jaime has been the architect of sweeping process changes promoting efficiency and mitigation of losses. She sees the 'big picture' and navigates incredibly complicated, sensitive situations with ease, all the while maintaining an industrywide reputation of integrity and professionalism." What This Nomination Means to Her "I hold this nomination in high regard because having a successful career and being a mother are both exceptionally important to me. Having two daughters, they have seen the long hours and hard work I've put in to get where I am today, and I am overjoyed to show them and other young women that they can have the career they dream of while having a family if they so choose." What Others Are Saying "As the President of Fay Servicing, Kimberly Hare brings decades of experience to the mortgage industry. In her role as an executive leader, Kimberly has transformed how their customers can make payments, and worked to position Fay Servicing as an early adopter for alternative payment methods. Her focus on driving self- service and convenience for Fay Servicing customers is a core initiative, and she has led the development of removing friction while improving ease of use. In addition to ensuring the health of financial results and minimizing risk, Kimberly is committed to creating a more effective and engaging customer experience which solidifies her as an impressive Women in Housing Leader." What This Nomination Means to Her "Being recognized as a 'Trailblazer' is an amazing feeling! My career has been spent evolving and changing technology for employees and customers alike. Providing new options to borrowers to improve satisfaction and self-service capabilities is exciting. I've been lucky enough to lead the charge all the way from the first debit cards to mobile apps to QR codes for payments. So, to receive a nomination for embracing 'change' is like adding fuel to my engine to keep forging ahead on that trail." The Trailblazer Award Jaime Burgess VP Default Servicing Mr. Cooper Kimberly Hare President Fay Servicing, LLC This award honors women leaders who have broken barriers and served as a catalyst for change within their organizations.

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