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M R EP O RT | 37 What Others Are Saying "Mieke de Boer is an SVP of Mortgage Default Fulfillment at Truist Bank, the sixth largest bank. She has a long history in mortgage servicing, formerly at BB&T before the combination with SunTrust to form Truist. As a female professional, Mieke sets the highest standards and brings her own philosophy to her team. Her incredible dedication and hard work are evident in all she does, setting an example to her team of mortgage professionals. As a business leader, she is a role model for all on her team. Their respect is evident in what they say about Mieke and the work product that is produced. Mieke is forthright in her comments, giving clarity to what is wanted and needed from her team. Mieke is a true example of an Authentic Leader and very deserving of this award." What This Nomination Means to Her "I am honored to be nominated as an Authentic Leader. My personal purpose is to guide myself and others to work as a team that focuses on integrity first, while pursuing continuous improvement. Staying grounded in this, I strive to remain transparent and hold myself accountable to creating an environment that helps others succeed both individually and as a team. This recognition reinforces that my efforts are resonating with my team, and I remain committed to holding myself accountable to leading with authenticity." What Others Are Saying "Tess has a tremendous breadth of responsibilities as leader of originations operations and investor portfolio management, directing Operations for our rapidly growing lending organization of 100+ geographically disbursed employees. Throughout 30 years of residential mortgage/business purpose lending, Tess has held leadership roles in sales, processing, underwriting, closing, vendor management, and asset management. She's respected as an innovator and leader who continuously streamlines processes to serve clients more effectively, efficiently. Prior to Constructive Capital, Tess was VP Operations at Morgan Stanley, directing their mortgage banking for ultra-high net worth clients—with 90 employees that grew and exceeded FNMA and investor requirements." What This Nomination Means to Her "I am honored to be a finalist for the 2022 Authentic Leader Award. 'You manage things; you lead people' has always been how I approached the different leadership roles I have had. The most valuable element in business is the people, and I work with my teams every day to eliminate obstacles and help them succeed. I aspire to be not only a leader but a role model, focusing not only on how I interact as an example but also on what I do. Being a finalist for this award aligns with what is central to my approach as a leader." What Others Are Saying "Judith Tribble is a well-respected senior business leader at Lakeview since 2013. Her leadership skills, industry knowledge, and ability to get the willing cooperation of others to achieve desired results has greatly contributed to Lakeview's success since its inception. She takes pride in the quality of her work and is recognized, admired, and respected not only by her peers but also by all stakeholders, both internally and externally. She is an excellent role model for young women entering the housing industry. It is an honor and privilege to work with her." What This Nomination Means to Her "This nomination is much appreciated and a humbled recognition, from my peers and colleagues, of my dedication, hard work, and contributions to being a leader in the industry. In an industry that is demanding, fast-paced, and extremely dynamic, this recognition is a great compliment. Authenticity comes naturally when we follow good company tenants like humility, responsibility, accountability, creativity, awareness, suitability, reliability, diversity, integrity, fun, balance, and communication. My hope is that I will continue to have opportunities to mentor others in the industry. Mentorship provides a benefit to both the mentor and mentee, but through different paths. Often, the mentor gains more insight and benefits than expected." Mieke de Boer SVP, Mortgage Default Fulfillment Truist Tess Siwa SVP Operations Constructive Capital Judith Tribble SVP, Chief Compliance Officer Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC

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