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M R EP O RT | 5 MTECH Property Analytics in the Cloud CORELOGIC PARTNERS WITH GOOGLE CLOUD C oreLogic has announced an extended relationship with Google Cloud to support the launch of its new CoreLogic Discovery Platform. Built on Google Cloud's infra- structure, Discovery Platform provides a comprehensive property analytics environment and cloud-based data exchange for businesses across multiple sectors. "We value working with companies like CoreLogic to develop innovative technol- ogy solutions and services that enhance customer experience and deliver insights faster," said Zac Maufe, Global Head of Financial Services Solutions at Google Cloud. "Our collaboration will support CoreLogic's clients' needs and enable the delivery of more comprehensive and efficient solu- tions for businesses in the real estate finance market." Discovery Platform allows businesses—including CoreLogic's core markets of property and real estate technology, mortgage lenders, marketers, and insurance firms—to discover, integrate, ana- lyze, and model property insights to make critical business decisions faster. The multiyear relationship between CoreLogic and Google Cloud enables the development of a scalable platform built with several Google Cloud services, including Dataproc, BigQuery, Anthos, and Cloud Run to man- age the data science workloads for predictive and prescriptive analyt- ics. BigQuery is the petabyte-scale backend for the platform, enabling comprehensive property data views built from a wide array of CoreLogic and third-party data sets. Dataproc powers Discovery Platform facilitating advanced ana- lytics and data science at scale. "CoreLogic and Google Cloud solved a significant challenge in the lag-time required to spin up data analytics workbenches that could be preloaded with nation- wide data assets, models, librar- ies, and software and self-service training," said John Rogers, CIO of CoreLogic. "Together, we were able to look at every part of the process—from onboarding to ingestion of data, modeling, and exposure of that insight to the businesses' operational platform— and cut the lag-time down by more than 50% to give clients access to the insights they need to move the needle on their business faster and easier than ever before." Through the collaboration with Google Cloud, CoreLogic's Discovery Platform provides a fully secure and compliant envi- ronment with relevant data, tools, security, and governance. Using CoreLogic data models and in- sights allows companies to deploy secure and compliant data analyt- ics workflows within minutes, thereby speeding up the delivery of mission-critical insights. "I'm excited to see our alliance with Google Cloud flourishing," said Patrick Dodd, President and CEO of CoreLogic. "We're pro- viding a state-of-the-art analytical platform for our client's mission- critical processes. Discovery Platform is born from a growing alliance of two major industry in- novators. I see the future horizons our research and development product teams are working on, and I am excited to see what's next." Machine Learning- Based Valuations FIRST AMERICAN DATA & ANALYTICS INTRODUCES NEW AVM SUITE F irst American Data & Analytics, a division of First American Financial Corporation, has introduced Pr- ocision, an automated valuation model (AVM) suite that uses a state-of-the-art blended ensemble modeling approach to deliver accuracy to lenders and finan- cial services clients, proptech companies, and other consumers of real estate data. The new Procision AVM suite includes three AVM solutions, each designed to suit the demands of different clients–Procision Premier is a lender-grade AVM, the Procision Power AVM can be embedded on client websites, and the Procision Direct AVM offers portfolio analysis and can be used to create targeted marketing cam- paigns. The suite is built on the latest technology infrastructure, which is fully scalable and enables easy integration of new data. "Our new Procision AVM suite leverages the most sophisticated modeling techniques, the latest machine-learning technologies and the industry's largest property and ownership database to set a new standard for accuracy and reliability," said Robert Karraa, President of First American Data & Analytics. "With its unique and robust blend of models and submodels, the quality of the valuations produced by Procision is unmatched." For added accuracy and cur- rency, First American Data & Analytics runs Procision AVM valuations on every residential property in the United States every day, and the company also updates the underlying data that fuels the Procision AVM suite daily. An automated surveillance system constantly monitors both data and valuation quality, and performs extensive testing to validate the accuracy of the valu- ations produced for various prop- erty types in various geographic markets. The suite, which is supported by dedicated customer service personnel, provides the documentation required by lend- ing regulations. "Lenders, servicers, and capital market decision makers need highly accurate, highly reliable industrial-grade valuations to inform their risk decisions," said Jon Wierks, VP of Analytics at First American Data & Analytics. "Marketers designing campaigns based on home price or home equity, on the other hand, are Mortgage Technology's Digital Pioneers The following companies are making headway in advancing the digital mortgage process, helping chart the course for advancements in the pursuit of an all-digital mortgage process.

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