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Special Advertorial Section Calyx Software CORPORATE PROFILE President Calyx Software is a provider of affordable mortgage solutions for banks, credit unions, mortgage bankers, and brokers. Beginning with customizable websites that offer online mortgage applications with eDisclosures and document request/retrieval, Calyx offers products that enable smooth bi-directional flow of data from start to finish. The company's solid yet flexible LOS delivers smart technology with electronic document management, backend functionality such as underwriting and secondary marketing, strong security, remote access, on-the-go productivity available with optional mobile apps, and a configurable business rules engine needed for workflow and compliance. Complimentary support and online training are included with all Calyx products. Stephen Lee Company History: Corporate Headquarters Key personnel Doug Chang Executive Director, Finance Benjamin Wu Executive Director, Technology Dennis Boggs EVP, Business Development Number of Employ ees 100+ contact infor m ation 6475 Camden Ave. Suite 207 San Jose, California 95120 Phone: 800.362.2599 Web: Founded in 1991, Calyx Software began its operations in San Jose, California, with one vision: to provide accessible, affordable, and reliable software for all mortgage professionals. From the outset, business was brisk. In the first year, sales increased 25 percent per month, and the customer base grew to more than 600 mortgage companies in 14 states. According to a 2010 study conducted by Access Mortgage Research & Consulting, 72.5 percent of mortgage brokers reported using Calyx Point as their preferred loan origination platform. A market leader for mortgage lenders as well, Calyx proudly supports 36 percent of community banks, credit unions, and mortgage bankers with Point and PointCentral products. Business Lines, Services, and Products Point, PointCentral, Path, Point Mobile, WebCaster, Calyx AUS, LoanScoreCard, Calyx Pricer, Calyx Network, and Professional Services Geographical Scope and Coverage Area North America Product Solution Calyx offers broad-spectrum mortgage origination solutions along with personalized websites and product/pricing products. Key Features WebCaster • Design templates for personalized, professional websites • Long and short applications • eDisclosure • Document request and collection • Google analytics • Secure loan center Point/PointCentral • State and federal government forms • Integration with lenders, vendors, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac 32 | The M Report • • • • • • Marketing tools Reporting and business management tools FHA-compliant forms Loan checklist to control workflow Document imaging and eFile capabilities Mobile applications PointCentral Only • Remote, secure Internet access to all loan files, templates, etc. • Field-level rules and conditions for quality and compliance purposes • Centralized loan file and document storage • Action-based rules • Audit trail Path • A unique role-based workflow • 100 percent Web-based accessibility that runs on the most popular browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) • Customer-owned and controlled data on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform • Configurable operating units/user groups that mirror each client's organizational structure LoanScoreCard • An automated underwriting system (AUS) that determines a loan's eligibility for FHA insurance, providing a detailed FHA Findings Report with underwriting and documentation requirements • FHA findings laid out to maximize readability, with feedback messages grouped into logical categories, such as credit, income, appraisal, and assets • Works with any LOS or even without one Custom AUS • Check loan files easily against investor and programspecific guidelines, including 1003 and investor guidelines • See all eligible and ineligible investor programs at a glance to help ensure approval, salability, and multiple outlets for best execution • Save underwriting time by quickly identifying loans that don't meet investor program guidelines • Re-check loans against investor program guidelines at any stage in the mortgage process to mitigate the risk of buybacks Calyx Pricer • Works from within Point for companies with their own rate sheets, without the need to re-key loan data to price a loan or re-key lock information back into each loan file • Originators and processors get an organization's live pricing at point-of-sale, for what-if scenarios, to price out a loan in process, or to submit a lock request • The selected product, rate, and price written back into each Point file, along with any changes made to loan parameters in arriving at that selection

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