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Special Advertorial Section eLynx CORPORATE PROFILE Keeping Up With Change eLynx fosters effective collaboration between all parties within a loan transaction by simplifying their ability to share and have access to meaningful data and documents. Since 1994, the company has utilized its deep understanding of all relationships between lending participants, their internal processes, and the nuances of document-related workflows to guide financial institutions in electronic lending initiatives. Today, many organizations are trying to keep up with this quickly evolving landscape. eLynx embeds compliance capabilities directly into its services. Customers know their workflows and interactions will always adhere to key regulations like RESPA and UETA. eLynx's long-standing regulatory knowledge and constant involvement with the CFPB, MBA, ABA, MISMO, ALTA, PRIA, and ESRA allow the organization to be nimble in adjusting services to meet the latest market developments. Corporate Headquarters Key personnel Sharon Matthews President and CEO Mike Buckman CFO Michael Pelfrey SVP, Sales and Market Development Andy Crisenbery SVP, Operations Alan Matuszak Chief Technology Officer contact information 7870 E. Kemper Road, Suite 200 Cincinnati, Ohio 45249 Phone: 800.466.5969 Web: The ability to provide the functionality, security, and compliance needed for success, as well as the guidance to ensure processes nurture electronic adoption, is critical for eLynx's business partners— more than 4,000 clients worldwide, including 25 of the top 50 financial institutions in the United States. eLynx boasts an 80 percent electronic adoption average with a top client. Product Solution eLynx's latest flagship service is called the Expedite Inbox. It provides a central portal for all consumer documentation. Consumers establish a single account that can manage all document types across all loan products, providing a consistent and easily identifiable touchpoint. Progress in Lending's executive team awarded this service with its Top Innovations award for its industry significance and various efficiencies gained through its creation. Built-in alerts and reminders ensure that both the financial institution and consumer always know what's required and due. Integrated capabilities like eDelivery, eSignature, electronic upload, automated print and mail, and fax drastically reduce the time it takes to close a loan, while minimizing the resources and fees associated with executing the transaction. The inbox can integrate with an existing banking portal for a seamless consumer experience. To increase brand recognition and loyalty, the system can be configured to match the look and feel of the financial institution's Web presence. For critical collaborations with closing partners, eLynx's Electronic Closing Network (eCN) of more than 100,000 verified participants improves the visibility of the process and transparency across parties. This environment reduces risks and ensures data quality and integrity is maintained throughout the transaction with real-time HUD-1 collaboration and automated fraud detection. Supporting Key Business Relationships Whether financial institutions are working with their borrowers or their closing partners, tightly knit data integrations ensure all parties have visibility into whom they are working with and real-time updates as to the status of the transaction. Changes to business relationships and new technological investments will not impact service. eLynx technologies can easily integrate with any platform or LOS. Furthermore, all eLynx solutions allow individuals to receive and complete necessary tasks how they please—via electronic or paper methods— while still maintaining a single, secure portal for all documents and data to be stored. eLynx has always tapped into and collaborated closely with its customers—many of the nation's top 50 lenders—to create sustainable solutions that solve root problems, not just symptoms. Most important eLynx is committed not only to providing services but taking the time and data resources to ensure successful electronic adoption occurs. The company only succeeds when its business partners do by only charging customers when services are used. Furthermore, the eLynx partner network is brining together best-in-class industry peers. Through these selective partnerships, eLynx is effectively supplementing new technologies and services into its solution platforms to make what it does the best available in new markets. Delivery Platform Service-as-a Software (SaaS) Industry awards, accolades, and milestones eLynx is one of only four companies to receive Mortgage Technology's Top 50 Service Provider award for seven consecutive years. The company has a proven track record of retaining talent and is a 2011 and 2012 recipient of the Top Workplaces award. The M Report | 37

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