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Conte nts 16 Game Change Technology's constant evolution is sweeping the industry, and some innovating enterprises aren't just leveling the playing field—they're demolishing it. 20 Should the Industry Abandon AVMs? A sector standard is not one-size-fits-all in the world of proper appraisals. 22 Going Paperless Is the mortgage industry truly ready to step away from paper in the daily workflow? 24 Welcome to the Age of Consumer Experience The CFPB's interest in consumer data will push the industry to create experiences that empower the consumer. Special Advertorial Section LoanBeam 27 COMPANY DESCRIPTION Three Keys to a Better Consumer Experience Corporate Headquarters Xerox Mor tgage KEY PERSONNEL David Wyle COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE BUSINESS LINES, SERVICES, AND PRODUCTS President and CEO Manually calculating the qualifying income of a residential mortgage applicant is time consuming, error prone and introduces credit risk. Required documents like K-1s and tax returns are often received piecemeal and late in the process. The manual entry of data from tax documents inefficient and increases the chance of errors. Different skill sets and credit policy interpretations produce inconsistent income calculations. The result: lost time and an increased risk of "buy-backs". Makarand Karkare VP, Software Architecture and Design Pete Miele VP, Sales NUMBER OF EMPLOY EES CONTACT INFOR M ATION Wes Lazear Regional Sales Manager 855.544-2326 ext. 1084 special section 17890 Sky Park Circle, Suite 100 Irvine, California 92614 Phone: 855.544.2326 (BEAM) Web: Email: 29 lending tech guide 6 38 | Special Adverto rial the With more than eleven years of experience inSection tax form and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) industries, SurePrep's patented technology has been used in the preparation of more than 1.1 million tax returns. In 2010 SurePrep took that tax form and OCR knowledge and expertise to the mortgage space with LoanBeam. 180 Departments LoanBeam is a client-server application built on the Microsoft .NET Framework. The client-side application, or LoanBeam Dashboard, is installed locally. The LoanBeam production servers are hosted by IBM at two of their data centers in Dallas. The IBM data centers are SAS-70 Type II and SSAE 16 certified. LoanBeam client-server communications use industry-standard 2048-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption for all data transfers, the same encryption technology used by banks for securing online banking transactions. COMPANY HISTORY What would the consumer experience be like in a perfect mortgage world? Lenders and servicers are working hard to turn the industry around. While great strides have been made in the housing recovery, industry professionals are still standing firm in the face of adverse and unrelenting pressures from the wounded market. DELIVERY PLATFORM SurePrep provides technology and service solutions to both the tax and accounting and mortgage industries. SurePrep has been in business since 2002. THE M REPORT 30 | Services There is no other product like LoanBeam on the market. SurePrep is uniquely qualified to deliver its mature tax form expertise, patented OCR technology, and IT infrastructure to the mortgage space. SurePrep has been providing technology solutions to some of the largest banks and accounting firms in the world for more than a decade. COMPANY DESCRIPTION CLIENT TESTIMONIALS Xerox Mortgag e Services "LoanBeam deliver a loan cloud-based, allows me toprovides an package to BlitzDocs award-winning, intelligen collabor eVault : With underwriting with the tFannie Mae cash flow analysis accelerates ative network connectivity, MERS eRegistr loans through that the BlitzDoc y out the entire already in Using OCR, LoanBeam exports data from tax origination it. This will immediately remove any hesita- largest s eVault is the to post-clo lifecycle, from hosted eVault industry's more lenders, tion the underwriter sing tofeel when the package is might servicing. return PDFs to an Excel file that automatically (or online benefit from Reaching underwriters, secure long-tim repository). Lenders ties than anyone assigned to them. My borrower's returns are very calculates the qualifying income of a residential investors, and eNotes to MERS e archival, delivery other parelse, BlitzDoc for registrat of paperless capabili Specialthe type of file even seasoned and complicated and this is borrower. LoanBeam allows lenders to arrive at an s ion, certifica the ability to Adv delivers ties avoid, buterto withadvanced tion of eNotes, Corporate service transact flexibility as underwriters like to and provides tremend not rial LoanBeam." accurate income calculation more quickly, more Headquarte rs ions electron it is configur Section ous ed to clients' ically. integrated confidently, and with more consistency than ever KEY FEATUR with current WLS Mortgage workflow and —Ruby Callihan, systems KEY PERSONN ES the mortgag before. LoanBeam drives standardization, autoEL . Solely focused • Multi-tie e industry for r security settings on the past decade, mates manual processes, and streamlines workflow. Mortgage Services • Detailed for optimal Ken Marlin Xerox has helped security Today's regulatory landscape demands a solution take "I scanned a 951-page tax package into LoanBeam • Docume audit trail for activity tracking hundreds of their busines and lenders VP and General for a client of s paperless. 12 businesses. LoanBeam Automat nt-driven workflow for accelera transparency ours that has that removes inefficiencies and lowers credit risk Manager • ted turnarou COMPANY automatically calculated the qualifying income, saving DataGly ed document recognition from the process of qualifying a residential mortgage nd HISTORY (ADR), patented ph technolo Matt Hodge The compan me a whole day. This program is awesome!" applicant. LoanBeam is the solution. Services global-le gy and integration with y was founded Chief Technolo Xerox Advectis, Inc. in 2001 under fast and accurate ading, end-to-end BPO gy Officer the name – JewelIn Schmitt, Waterstone Mortgage services for automatic docume forming Xerox 2007, Xerox acquired GEOGRAPHICAL SCOPE AND COVERAGE AREA • Agnostic Advectis, Mortgage Services nt classifica system leverages the Jamie Willia United States tion . The compan breed systems for integration with your power mson best-ofcally Xerox "LoanBeam is of Xeroxour livesdivisions y now making and its easier." VP, Sales • BlitzDoc Services for s collaborative , specifiits global-le process outsourc PRODUCT SOLUTION network: 25+ warehouse – James Guzik, Surety Financial Services ing (BPO) capabili ading business investors banks; LoanBeam Prudence Green ties. control provider eight leading due diligence and s; BUSINESS Key features: VP, Client Services doc prep provider dozens of loan originatio /quality LINES, SERVICE n systems, s, and mortgag It's S, AND • LoanBeam automatically calculates the qualifying about more "It is a fantastic system." PRODUC companies; than imaging TS servicers, subserv e insurance COM the industry . It's about income of a borrower in a fraction of the time that it PAN 's disparate icers, and more connecting Erns DELIVER parties, from post-clo– Todd Seabold, Surety Financial Services t Pub Y DESCRIP would take to calculate manually sing to servicin origination TION lishi to g, through tech Softwar Y PLATFO ration. BlitzDoc • LoanBeam identifies missing tax documents that NUMBER electronic collabo- nology ng CompanyRM OF EMPLOY e-as-a Service s' for clos EES and is (SaaS) the loan process electronic loan folder are still needed from the borrower accelerates lending indu ing cost the leading 35 milli data for different users by providing multi-tie provider • LoanBeam utilizes standard qualifying income WHAT SETS r security for on guarante stries. Erns locally and a the of YOU calculati nects on ed tran APART? formats like Fannie Mae Form 1084, Freddie Mac lenders with collaborative network Xerox Mortgagsact t processe real estate ng fees through the com Corpo s mor and CONTACT rate their pany's ions for nies, due diligenc Headq mortgage insuranc that con- sett based for recoe Services provide e than mobile Form 91, or customizable formats INFOR M ATION clien uarte are collaborative GFE a paperless, e compardingnetwork s and e providerrs more. lement serv more. s, investors, and transpecific HUD 120 cloud- unparalleled and Web tech ts' servers KEY • LoanBeam ices Jamie Williamso leverages your knowledge of Microsoft Further, BlitzDoc PERS servicerman Asthe mortgage industry a trus ally s, or acce . Clie sfer taxe designed deliver accu nolo s, and s XE provides n ted sour , inspectio munication ONN EL . Three things s, for Excel ssed apart from VP, Sales rate fee nts rely on gy, Ernst's a secure com- age and proc thece, ns, app acce method set title precision Ernst Gre Erns solution raisa enabling eDisclos for borrowers and quo ess basic imaging system ls, the company ssible • LoanBeam is Phone: 678.460. easy to implement and users can begor y clients to a all crea exis The com true eMortga s and help ures not E. Tea and eClosing closing agents, .flexibility pany types of ge: tes solutions and it guide ting enviin a way that tes, but also t not just to Presiden up XMS-info 2476 Email: and running in minutes to fees its intelligen that can be delivery. it only to mee ronm t and CEO l of goa t model, the ents. quotes easily make the data t CFP its systems, and with unp GEOGRAPHICAL is Xerox. B com l is to emp the fact that eled arall consum COM fees, SCOPE AND client ower Jan Da ed in United States 9040 Roswell its clienthe company PETITIVE COVERAGE and borr but also to pliance regu Aside their ADVANT and Puerto Road, Suite AREA set ts lations ower from Rico 700 VP, Sale lton Cla Sandy Springs, AGE satisfact the industry the com • An intelligen when industry rk s and Georgia 30350 COM t model, includinstan ion. Phone: 855.456. PRODUCT Marketing innovatio pany's PAN dard for as workflow SOLUTION g document-driven a tech 7304 or Founde Y HISTORY that mimics n, awa 25 years 678.460.2460 BlitzDo nology Kather cs: Delivere of lenders' existing d and integrate provider rds, and expe recognized long-term by Carl R. processes s with their Web: xerox-xm flexible ine Tea d as a cloud-based General to meet rtise, trading partners because • XML system, it is induabilityErnst in 1989 to the Counsel clients' needs. l it stan stry to manage images, , and the Request : ning solution marketp and solution Core to the ds out , Erns electron sing is the data. s. award-wint striv ic documents, le requ s and Res lace is mirrors a tradition electronic loan folder uniq • DLL • Flexible ue. The compan es to crea pon est (eFolder It activ al loan folder. solutions, includin y's Solution at less than ses are proc rity, a brandab ely approac te With the multi-tie ) that part configur g a secure dire le interface a qua deliver essed ners with able approac and highly ctly on s enable h r secu, an rter of with clients' mut h to meeting • Cus their serv clients all trading partners open system that works ually ness needsface CON a seco in a result, a lender's busi- tom to stor TACT benefici and the ability ts of nd and collabor ers , and the ability the Fee INFO e solu • A part to manage fees ateM ATIO R on paper-so for inno to manage company ofal solution the industry tions One Com exceptions. , prom Engines enab electronic N urced images, vative has has athe Xeroxsfamily, Xerox to • Solu oting for initia served the histo mortgagall part Mortgage Services nativeting solution changes le clients 99 Was mercdocuments and data, tions e collaboration a ies; work hinton Plaz BlitzDocs increase the first decade Erns ry of beine industry as s. instantly to manage proc land s seam Albany, for a Ave, and accelerates g and leverage standard t's lessly their the loan process recording bilities ized achievem sistergnized more than a esses, rang s its reco compan New York Suite-309 part awarded with ing requirem to help tech ents . ies• guide lenders inclu capa- ner integratio from cust clients' BlitzDocs 12210 nology Cus to de internal and upd the first pate ents in 225 S. XE: Brings omized ns syst a true eMortgage. tomized external third asCab ates fee borrowers tables Further,nt for tech1990 to 2012 em for Web inter screens Half Moo rillo Hwy and closing 2012 parties such for changes more nolo to with to mat secure portal Suite-200 faces gy that , Xerox Services has the than a decade,being Mortgag with Phone: n Bay, Calif to access, agents into the fold with winning 10X Awa at enab c fees that ch their orini the pres been recogniz monitors a loan leve ed 800. on •eCus processe le users for Web :actions 345.3822 a 94019 view, and perform required for havi its exceptio as Top don't lending rd tigious to desi tom ernstpub documents. By enabling nal service l. Ernstaend Service Provider solu s rath apply industry ng an expo sent, acknow Mor tgag continua gn and er than tion iPad electronic lishinledgeme ed l innovation. , and mob s are desi over the e Tech nent working sures and eConsem nt, and signatur PRO connolo maintaini gned past 10 ial impact ile es of eDisclont, eAcknow DUC on the gy years. ng Erns environments to work in XE drives out of the Obtainin T SOLUTIO costs, improve ledgements, BlitzDoc t's clien with unifo PC, App type of N s accelerates s communications g accu ts' look le, access recordin the time to rate third and feel rmity, , and funding. KEYS -par ty title insu g, transfer regardle TO SUC vend taxes, rance Ernst ss CESS prem inspectio or fees for is prem iums iums, its cust built on a fana miscellan , settleme owners' ns, lenders' THE M REPOR omers; tical ded nt and T responsi title insu eous an unw HUD icati fees requ escrow rance has compan bility for gett avering com on to accu ired whe fees, app winning never bee racy and raisals, n mor n quo solution or fallin y's custome ing the num mitment to DLLs ting and g taking bers righ rs neve s rang e importa that necessar out of com nt. Erns a GFE or e from r worr t, so and cust reside at plian y cust t's awa clien and inno y to continue ce; a willin about bein the rdfees todaom Web inter ts' loca om fee eng g wro gne tions to lead ines and the indu vative prod faces. changes. y or in the the indu ss to do wha ng ucts; The comto mobile, futu and stry solution stry and to XML, t pany aler t lend Its patented re base overcom a long-term with supe is s. monitorind upon upc can quote ing chal dedicati rior immedia ers of fee oming g syst lenges on tely, savi increases GOALS of the with bett to , but also ems not only compan ng cost To laun AND STRATE er ly a bett update ch the GIES er borr y's program errors and of prod next gene FOR time at loans ower s ucts will experienc are desi ration 2014 closing. oversigh gned help clien of tools GEO e. All to help t requ GRA —th using PHIC irements ts meet create Ernst mob and exceis new suite provides AL SCOPE accompli ile technolo through ed CFP They AND gy. Bec continuo sh the guarant national COV ERA B position, us fee cove same ause than 4,10 ee mor GE ARE everyone customization rage e monitorin Ernst's tools goals but A including 0 recordin than 6.5 milli for all of needs star g juris its data to customiz g, geo-cod will include ts from a on fees local different . municipa dictions the lates ing, effec across from more of-the-ar ation whil t in enha lities. tive datin KEY e work the cou t solu FEA nced ing g, tions ntry, Accurac TURES for the with partnersand user INDU future. to crea solution y, speed, STR and flexi te state With mor Y AWARDS 28 | less thans. With gua bility , ACC e than THE best rant since OLADES a qua 15 indu M REP 1990, rter of eed fee quo describe , AND stry-reco ORT Ernst Ernst's » 2012 a seco tes at gnized MILESTONE most spee nd and recent » 2012 – Mortgag accompli program ds of S e Tech awards s hou nolo » 2013 – US Patent include: shments sed for Inno gy 2012 10X – Mor tgage Award Technolovative Sea gy Top rch Technolo 50 Serv gy ice Prov iders Ernst Publi shing Comp any take 5 Jonathon Corr, President and COO of Ellie Mae 8 on the web Optimizing Options 12 the pulse Risky Business 15 mcrowd See Who's Moving On and Moving Up in the Industry The M Report | 5

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