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from the source Finally, Five Star! Traveling can be a joy and a pain, especially if there's no on-flight entertainment. Here are some finds to keep you occupied as you make your way to the 10th annual Five Star Conference and Expo. READ THIS ≥ TWEET THIS Driving Solo: Dealing with Grief and the Business of Financial Survival by Susan Covell Alpert . Few things are as devastating as losing a loved one, especially a spouse or life partner. When spending so much time together becomes a way of life, the loss—sudden or gradual—can wreak havoc on emotions and finances. In her book, Susan Covell Alpert imparts the life lessons and wisdom she gleaned from her husband's passing 10 months after his leukemia diagnosis. The things that many people take for granted daily, say keeping receipts, can turn into big savings and help keep the mourner from grieving over loss of love and money. @EY_Banking has a sharp Twitter feed that is part proprietary survey results on issues relating to banking and capital markets and part analysis on trends occurring in those markets. The feed speaks to larger issues at hand such as compliance and risk. The company also does a good job of interacting with its audience. The feed engages in direct dialogue as well as live tweeting when the company has webcasts and other media events. WATCH THIS "LIKE" THIS Lender411 is a useful page for industry professionals and those interested in purchasing a home in the near future. It aims to engage users by posting polls, quizzes, and tips on a variety of home improvement issues that will increase their knowledge and— potentially—their home listing price. Lender411 is a good example for any industry professional looking to bolster activity on his or her Facebook fan page. SHARE THIS "A City Invokes Seizure Laws to Save Homes," by Shaila Dewan, explores the controversial program occurring in Richmond, California, to keep homeowners in their homes. Richmond is on the path to become the first city in the country to use eminent domain to stop the city's neighborhoods from being gutted by foreclosures. It is one of many cities looking to employ the strategy as a way to generate income and keep communities in tact. Wall Street has balked at the idea, claiming that it will set the wrong precedent, but many civic officials feel that this Hail Mary could be exactly what's needed to save their cities. How to Find the Right Mortgage. Those looking to purchase a home and those looking to put people in a position to purchase one should watch the Guardian's quick video on How to Find the Right Mortgage, which gives the nuts and bolts on what consumers need to know before buying a mortgage. Host Rupert Jones breaks down industry jargon in simple terms. While he at times speaks to the currency of England, the point is the same: Potential homeowners need to buy what they can afford. His video offers Web tools that help borrowers do their research so that they approach a mortgage professional prepared. The video also gives food for thought regarding the associated fees that homeowners may overlook. The M Report | 13

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