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Local edition Or ig i nat ion SECONDARY MARKET Freddie Mac's Portfolio Expands The GSE saw growth in June. washington, D.C. // The first s e c on da r y m a r k e t a na ly t ic s se r v ic i ng half of Freddie Mac's rollercoaster year closed with a slight gain in its mortgage portfolio. The GSE reported an annualized growth rate of 0.5 percent for its portfolio in June, coming back slightly from May's 3.0 percent decrease. Year-to-date, the average monthly growth rate at the end of 2013's first half was -1.1 percent. Purchases and issuances increased by a little more than $6 billion, rising to a total of $48.4 billion. Purchases and issuances totaled approximately $42 billion in June 2012. Year-to-date, 2013 activity totaled $276 billion as of June 30. As of the end of June, the mortgage portfolio's ending balance was approximately $1.95 trillion. Freddie Mac's portfolio of mortgage-related securities and other guarantees posted its second-highest growth rate this year, growing at an annual pace of 5.6 percent (the highest rate was 8.9 percent in March). June was the fourth consecutive month to see that portfolio expand. Single-family refinance-loan purchase and guarantee volume was $33.4 billion in June, making up 69 percent of total mortgage portfolio purchases or issuances. Relief refinance mortgages made up approximately 30 percent of total refinance volume based on unpaid principal balance (UPB). The single-family seriously delinquent rate continued to fall in June, dropping from 2.85 percent to 2.79 percent. Multifamily delinquency, on the other rate, rose slightly to 0.09 percent, up a single basis point. Freddie Mac reported 7,044 loan modifications in June, bringing the year-to-date total to 39,890. 60 | The M Report

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