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social Life that they're going to help you through the homebuying process from start to finish. We've done a number of things like launch a YouTube channel with videos that help customers become more educated. The second thing is we just created a new app: Chase My New Home that's available on the iPhone, Android, and iPad. M // Are there any books that you've read recently? Schuppenhauer // My favorite book is Leading with the Heart by Coach K. It's a great book, and I use it in almost every conversation I have with someone. The key takeaway is that in order to lead successfully, you have to care first. You have to communicate regularly. You have to take pride in your work. I find all those things as really important recipes of leading any organization, whether it be a sales organization or an operations organization. That's why I'm so inspired by the book and it's actually something I use in leadership sessions at JPMorgan Chase. M // Anything else you want MReport readers to know about you, about Chase, about trends in origination? Schuppenhauer // We want to be trusted business advisors for our customers. We understand that role is often played by real estate agents, and we want to help them as well. We've been doing a number of different things with Realtors to give them the tools they need to get their clients in a home quickly and efficiently. We hope the My New Home app is particularly helpful to the real estate community. I'm really bullish about where we're headed in housing and where this industry is headed. I think it's taken its licking over the last couple of years, but it's better and stronger than it's ever been. And, by virtue of that, this next cycle we're going through is going to be a very exciting time no matter what market you're in. The Presidential Medium Following President Barack Obama's speech on housing finance reform, we took to social media to see what the MCrowd had to say about the president's plan for the future of housing. Remember to follow @TheMReportNews every Thursday as we host a live Twitter chat discussing the latest relevant news in the evolving mortgage market. @ricksharga: "Disappointed with the president's housing plans? I don't think anyone should be surprised." Ed Delgado: "I would like to hear a more balanced approach from the White House that includes realistic reforms that will expand homeownership. The President's plan, as outlined, will make homebuying more expensive for borrowers and will constrict overall mortgage availability." Jody Hagemes: "My hats off to Freddie Mac for establishing 'neighborhood stabilization' programs to put money back into the marketplace." TRENDING The Story: The Story: The Story: The Story: Former CFPB Deputy Starts Mortgage Company, Attracts Criticism Americans Still Positive on Homeownership Following Crisis Economists Revise Home Value Forecasts Unveils List of Top Turnaround Towns for Q2 The Scoop: The Scoop: The Scoop: The Scoop: Not only is homeownership hailed as part of the "American Dream," but it is also imbued with several positive financial and cultural effects on families. Studies have linked homeownership to everything from greater political participation to greater educational achievement among children. Median home values are on track to reach more than $167,000 by the end of 2013, according to economists and real estate experts surveyed by Zillow and Pulsenomics. California markets dominate's list of Turnaround Towns for the second quarter of this year, claiming the top four spots on the list and six of the top 10. Former CFPB deputy director Raj Date has resigned from the agency and opened his own advisory and investment firm aimed specifically at "those borrowers who do not meet the standards for 'qualified mortgages' as set by the CFPB under rules." » And now we would like to introduce the Five Star Institute's official blog. The mission of this site is to foster the collaboration of open-minded thinkers and experts within the mortgage and real estate communities through the insights, opinions, and timely updates from executive leadership within the Five Star Institute and our industry-shaping partners. The M Report | 7

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