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Special Advertorial Section due diligence guide Inglet Blair LLC Company description Competitive Advantage Inglet Blair provides a comprehensive suite of due diligence, risk, and quality monitoring services to meet any mortgage-related need from origination to disposition. The company believes in experience, collaboration, and service. Its focus on its clients' objectives is crucial in aligning the firm's service scope to help them meet their goals and make better-informed business decisions. The company specializes in underwriting complex lending programs, and the firm's ability to manually underwrite mortgage loans cannot be equaled in the industry. The management team of Inglet Blair possesses years of hands-on, practical experience in mortgage loan operations with an emphasis in underwriting, regulatory compliance, credit risk, and mortgage-related capital markets. From top to bottom, the firm is comprised of an experienced team dedicated to providing high-quality, costeffective services with the highest standard of ethics and professionalism. Sandra Blair The firm's proprietary technology platform provides consistent risk analysis and the flexibility to support all review types from a single platform. The technology design serves as a roadmap for underwriters, maintains accurate data capture, and supports dynamic reporting capabilities. Craig Inglet The combination of Inglet Blair's expertise, people, and world-class technology make it the ideal partner. key personnel Managing Partner Managing Partner Ellen Eckert Vice President Candace Wasilew Director, Client Services Rick Wooley Director, Quality Control number of employees 23 8716 N. Mopac Expressway Austin, Texas 78759 512.732.0498 Phone: Web: In almost every engagement, Inglet Blair is serving as an intermediary, and the need to be competent, objective, and consistent is crucial to being a partner to all parties, while implementing the risk profile prescribed by its clients. Additionally, Inglet Blair excels at not only identifying risks, but more important, assisting the company's clients by quantifying, measuring, and developing operational strategies to mitigate said risk. keys to success Company history Inglet Blair was founded in March 2003 to specialize in the underwriting and analysis of residential mortgage loans and other forms of mortgage-related debt. Before the financial crisis, Inglet Blair solely supported a small number of Wall Street clients with the acquisition of residential mortgage loans for the primary exit of private-label securitization. Today, Inglet Blair supports clients throughout the mortgage life cycle, assisting at various stages with loan review and credit risk services. Business lines, services, and products contact information Added Value to Business Partners The company's services share two common themes: help identify risks and make better-informed decisions. Inglet Blair has a very seasoned and diverse staff with a wide array of expertise, and since every client has a different risk strategy and profile, every engagement is customized to meet those objectives. Here's a sample of some of Inglet Blair's core service offerings: • • • • • • • • Securitization-grade due diligence Buy/sell transactional whole loan due diligence Performing Seasoned Non-performing MSR Pre- and post-closing quality control Consulting—credit risk and counter-party operational • HMDA and data integrity The combination of education and improved technology. Inglet Blair applies a methodical and mechanical approach using world-class technology, while promoting its underwriters the latitude to use instinct and intuition. The software is designed to maintain data integrity and interpret regulatory and compliance-related items, while using its seasoned staff to identify fraud and other opaque risks. Goals and Strategies for 2014 The regulatory change coming in 2014 will have an unprecedented impact, which is largely unknown. Inglet Blair has a bifurcated focus for 2014: quality control and private-label securitization due diligence. Today, originators that make errors during the origination process are largely unpenalized. In the Qualified Mortgage/Ability-to-Repay (QM/ATR) world, a simple mistake can have an impact that results in an unmarketable loan, and until the pricing for a new scratch-and-dent market materializes, the loss of QM status for any reason is commonly deemed to be substantial. Therefore, Inglet Blair believes pre-funding reviews are paramount to any originator or purchaser's success. Inglet Blair is also focused on garnering a couple of strategic issuers to continue and help restore the private-label securitization market. The company's capital markets expertise and knowledge of that market are only superseded by the firm's underwriting ability. Inglet Blair has the capacity and ability to be the premier partner in this space. The M Report | 33

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