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Special Advertorial Section due diligence guide Scienna Company description Business lines, services, and products Scienna offers ultra-flexible Internet-based software and technical services to support mortgage-related due diligence, file review, underwriting, fulfillment, quality control, litigationrelated research, and data capture activities. Scienna's loan review platform supports a wide variety of mortgage products and transactions including: • Acquisition due diligence for performing and non-performing residential loans • Government agency securitization support • International mortgage loan securitizations • Pre-close origination quality control • MBS litigation support • Fair lending review • Commercial loan due diligence • Specialized loan reviews and supporting systems, including pay history, appraisal review, decline support, and title review While Scienna works in the center of the due diligence industry, the company is not a due diligence firm itself. Scienna doesn't review loan files—instead it helps clients do so productively and cost-effectively. business scope key personnel Peter A. Krell President Ricardo Martins Chief Software Architect Kat Rohr Director, Client Services contact information Headquarters Basking Ridge, New Jersey 908.300.3901 x1 Performing mortgage-related due diligence, audit, file review, and data capture requires specialized and agile information systems. Project scopes vary widely. Review content is constantly customized for new clients and loan products. Lead time is short. There have been few specialized due diligence software systems available in the market, and prospective participants in these business lines have been forced to dedicate substantial time, effort, and funds into the development of a proprietary platform to compete. Additionally, these initiatives often failed to yield workable results. This development has represented an enormous barrier to entry and a significant ongoing burden. Scienna was established with these needs in mind. Scienna does not engage in staffing or file review. Scienna supports firms that do, in a number of ways. The company provides extraordinarily agile software along with flexible service and licensing models. Email: Company History Phone: Scienna's founder and president, Peter A. Krell, has specialized in due diligence technology and business process design in the mortgage markets for more than 20 years. In 1990, Krell co-founded one of the industry's leading due diligence companies. As chief technologist in the firm, Krell personally designed and created the first laptop-based due diligence system employed by investment banks to purchase loans judiciously. Web: scienna 34 | The M Report Scienna's loan review platform, Andor, is the culmination of everything that Krell and his team have learned since that time. Scienna's management team also has extensive experience in special servicing, non-performing loan valuation, loan performance modeling, and conduit/fulfillment center processing. key features With its Andor platform, Scienna can create custom, secure, fast, feature-rich, and userfriendly Internet-based software applications with incredible development speed and efficiency. Using proprietary tools, Scienna can create a complete and functioning user interface programmatically, bypassing man-months of costly and tedious UI construction. New database fields, option tables, forms, and application business logic are generated directly from specification documents and are subsequently managed using Scienna's suite of visual end-user tools, largely without software developer involvement. Andor's capabilities, features, and functions are extensive, but highlights include: • Responsive, rich, and user-friendly interface • Integrated proprietary rules engine makes business logic management easy and transparent • Integrated loan document viewer stores links and retrieves pages • Complete management and tracking for findings/exceptions/conditions • Powerful and flexible reporting, exporting, and charting • Comprehensive workflow support • Integration with industry-leading providers for regulatory compliance, fraud and valuation services, and more • Multilingual, multicultural, and multi-currency interface support

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