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Conte nts 16 You Deal With It. Servicers have had more than a year to prepare, but some say there's still a ways to go before they are ready for the CFPB's everchanging rules to take effect. 21 Assessing the Risk of Mortgage Servicing Sure, the industry is rife with risks, but having a fair and responsible lending program in place can help lessen their likelihood. 24 It's Complicated Challenged by discordant relationships, strict regulations, and general reluctance, the valuation space is a difficult place. 27 A Fever Pitch The industry is anxiously prepping for changes in federal housing finance laws. But will small companies be able to comply to the mandated degree? Special Advertorial Section Special Advertorial Section due diligence guide due diligence guide Special section 29 key personnel Gagan Sharma President and CEO Scott Myers EVP, Operations Due Diligence Guide Tim Gillis SVP, Sales & Marketing The top due diligence firms in the country at your fingertips. Darryl MacNair Controller contact information Tim Gillis SVP, Sales & Marketing 972.347.4354 BSI Financial Services 1425 Greenway Drive, Ste. 400 Irving, Texas 75038 800.327.7861 phone: Web: Departments 7 Free Thinkers Section guide 30 | The M RepoRT Company DesCription LLC Keys to suCCess In 2007, BSI acquired the outsourcing division Since Digital Risk is the largest provider of due diligence, of the its founding in 2005, Digital Risk has had one Company BSI Financial Services (BSI) is an experienced finan- SRS Group, one of the largest loan due diligence quality control, valuations, analytics, and fulfillment focus:desCr Mortgages Safe." The company "Making Inglet cial services company providing loan due diligence, and quality control firms in the industry. Three Blair providiption solutions supporting every facet of the mortgagediligen succeeds in this by following DAPPT: Data, es quality control, and loan servicing and subservicce, risk, People, Process, and Technology and Comp years later, BSI Financial expanded its portfolioAnalytics,and a comprehensive life cycle. Having completed more than $1.7 trillion suite of due quality monit meet any etitiv ing. The company employs advanced technology, of services by creating two loan reviews, in due diligence and quality controlnew complementary creating differentiated solutions to an otherwise comp e advantage by mortg The to disposition. age-related needoring including Web- and cloud-based systems, and a any believ businesses: Entra Default Solutions, providing non- solution environment. from services to the company has been recognized with various stale and servic es origination global workforce to provide its clients responsive, e. Its focus in experience, collab judicial foreclosures in four states, and Entra awards and accolades for being one of the top The Asset due crucial in high-touch service while maintaining complete manageme aligning the on its clients' objec oration, Management, specializing in REO outsourcing.Goals anD strateGies for 2014 diligence firms in the U.S. them meet tives is firm's servic years of hands nt team of Inglet transparency in loan operations and reporting. Blair posse business their goals and make e scope to help -on, practi mortg The company's goal is to provide a differentiated decisi sses competitive advantaGe Digital Risk provides business partners new under age loan operationscal loan life cycle, designed with writing ons. The comp better-informed solution for the entire experience in under As an independent loan services provider, BSI Following the with the market collapse generation technologymortgageindustry's largest of writing, regulatory with in mind. The company firm's ability complex lendin any specializes quality and compliance an emphasis and in Financial does not pose a conflict with the investg in 2007–2008, the rules changed on defining risk for proprietary database of actionable intelligence, mortgage-related leveraging proprietary technology canno to manually under programs, and the achieves this by compliance, loans to ing interests of its clients. It focuses on identifywrite mortg investing and defense around today's bottom analytics capital marke credit risk, t be equal providing context in and servicing whole loans. Reliable, the firm is that enhance quality, regulatory and ts. From ed in the age team comp ing value in loan pools and portfolios by applying industry. complexdue diligenceregulatory market. requireddedicated to provid times, and efficiency. and shifting on distressed loans effect a loss compliance, turn rised of an exper top added value to considerable experience in managing a wide range mitigation perspective so pricing would take into ienced ing ive servic Business In almost es with the high-quality, costethics and partners of asset classes, from distressed to investmentevery engag consideration potential liquidation strategies. Key features highest Inprofes Company History as an interm standard ement, Inglet sionalism. grade loans. of addition, the 2005 and changing from ediary, and Digital Risk started inconstantly has grownregulatory and objec the need Blair is serving The firm's • $1.7 trillion in due diligence quality control reviews tive, and policy to to be comp consis propri key perso today's employee count of investors Accredited five employeesenvironment necessitated that1,850 •be- etary by all major rating agencies partne provides etent, key personnel r to all partie tent is crucial nnel technology GeoGraphical scope and coveraGe area gin employees. During the last eight years, loan to being USA-based making decisions predicated on realistic consistent risk10 million loan files reviewed profile a to suppo • More than analys platform prescribed s, while implementing BSI Financial Services is licensed to service loans servicing is and the the Sandra dedicated employees strategies that rt all• Proprietary intelligence deployed company's and loss mitigation have The earned con-review by its clients the risk types from flexibi Blair in 50 states, and offers loan quality control and Peter Kassabov technology . a stellar sider borrowers' growing options to foreclosure. • Database comprised of $1.7 trillion in due onally reputation for providing reliable solutions Managing a single platfo lity Additi design under due diligence services nationwide. With its headPartner Founder & CEO to mission critical, high-profile initiatives. suppowriters, maintains serves as a roadm diligence and quality control rm. reviews risks, but , Inglet Blair ap quarters in Irving, Texas, and offices in California, accurate The post-meltdown marketplace has been BSI rts dynam • State-of-the-art technology and proprietary more impor excels at not only data captu for clients by tant, assist identifying ic Pennsylvania, Santos BSI Financial leveragesCraig Inglet crucible, where the company has honed reporting capab a quantifying, re, and Financial's ing Alex and India, techniques to solve new legislation operational The company maintains state-of-the-art operating ilities. measuring, the company's Managing The global workforce and President its understanding of value recognition for its invesstrategies Partner Co-Founder & cloud-based technology to centers in Maitland, Florida (headquarters); combination of Inglet compliance department to mitigate and developing and world- • Regulatory deliver efficient and responsive service. Blair's exper tor clients. BSI Financial's Florida; Denver, class said risk. Jacksonville, Florida; Boca Raton, due diligence experts • In-house staff attorney team keys to technology tise, peopl Ellen leverage suCCess make it the e, Ecke Bangalore, India. fresh insight 2012, • Colorado; andrt experience andIn December gleaned fromRESPA reform expertise Jeffrey C. Taylor The comb ideal partne Comp research as Vice Presid Business scope ination of continuing education, networking, andany r. techno • QM expertise Digital Risk was acquired by MphasiS, a Hewlett history Co-Founder & Managing ent Inglet Blair logy. Inglet education and impro In addition to due diligence services, BSI Financial they provide investor clients meticulous, thoughtfulQRM expertise • Packard subsidiary. MphasiS is the global leader inwas found Partner Blair applie mechanical ved in the under ed in March specializes in loan servicing and subservicingthe BPOanalysis. markets, employing more than and s a metho Candace KPO • Maintains proficiency with all federal and and dical and 2003 to while promo approach using worldWasilew mortgage writing and analys has earned a high-quality rating from FNMA and Director, ting its class techno is of reside specialize instinc loans state compliance laws 40,000 people worldwide. Client Omar Quddus debt. to handle and ntial t and intuitio underwriters the logy, FHLMC. BSI Financial is also HAMP, 2MP, FHA, Today, Services BSI Financial is large enough Before thedue other forms of under management latitude to •financ billion (UPB) $850 n. The softwa mainta mortgage-re COO suppo use and VA-approved. The company's loan quality ial crisis, diligence assignments of any size while delivering re lated comp in data integrity Rick Woo Business lines, serviCes, anD proDuCts rted a small and interp is designed to the to every inves- numb of Inglet Blair solely liance ley control services include pre- and post-funding loan diligence ret regula Wall Street Direct • Due personalized service and support acquisition of reside erawarDs, aCColaDes, anD milestones -related items, inDustry staff to identif tory primary exit clients with reviewsRandy Lightbody that comply with Fannie Mae and Freddie or, Quality Contro networked operations and a global tor client. y fraud and while using its seasoand • Quality control With • ACG ntial mortg SMART Awards—Top Financial l EVP Sales, other opaqu Inglet Blair of private-label securi age loans for the ned Mac requirements.Marketing & Strategy workforce, BSI Financial is package numb er • Proprietary LQI quality control able to practice agility Services Company supports e risks. tization. Today goals of life cycle, clients and and emplo yees it risk flexibility as , assist and • Mitigating repurchaseprovides custom liquidation• Inc. 500 throughout the Private Companies— strategies Fastest-Growing number of Solutions, for 2014 and credit 23 Through Entra Defaultemployees a wholly owned Due diligence for all securitizations and whole ing at various financial services; No. 122 The regulatory chang mortgage overall retention strategies optimized to each client's risk 11 in stages • No. risk servic unpreceden e comin with loan es. division, BSI Financial also offers non-judicial profile. loan trades • Orlando Business Journal review Inglet 40 Under 40 2012— ted impact, whichg in 2014 will have 1,850+ full-time employees conta Business Blair has foreclosure trustee services in Arizona, California, ct inform an is largely a bifurcated • Valuations ation Alex Santos lines, unknown. control and servi The compa Nevada, and Texas. focus for BSI Financial's culture promotes responsive andErnst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 private-label contact information • End-to-end fulfillment • in ny's service Ces, and produCts 8716 N. Mopa securitizatio 2014: quality help identif s share two personalized client service and a commitment toFinancial Services—Peter Kassabov • y n due diligen c comm Today, origina Austin,Analytics Expressway Inglet Blair risks and make company history ce. transparency, which empowers investor clients with better-inform on themes: Texas 78759 tors 2301 Maitland Center • Innovator of Business—Awarded by Florida Gov. that make has origination ed decisio phone: a wide performance. Established in 1986 as165 Services, BSI aDDeD value to Business partnersandarray a very seasoned and Peter Kassabov errors during real-time process are 512.732.049 data on loan quality ns. Parkway Suite Bank Rick Scott to of Qualified the largely unpen differe Financial earned its first agency approvalWeb: One of the biggest questions in today's nt risk expertise, and since diverse staff with from Mortg ingletblair.c 8 Maitland, Florida 32751 every client world, a simple age/Ability-to-Rep alized. In the om customized strategy and profile Freddiephone:in 1995. The company was purchased Mac 407.215.2900 ext.1099 ay (QM/A marketplace is, "How do yesterday's technologies , every engag has a mistake to meet those results in of some by Firstweb: Commonwealth Financial Corporation an unmarketabcan have an impac TR) and techniques equip and defend against of Inglet Blair's objectives. Here's ement is today's for a new in 1996 and in 1999 by Richmond Mutual a sample core service scratch-and le loan, and until t that turbulent regulatory environment?" Through offerings: the loss of the pricing -dent marke • Securitizatio Bancorporation. QM status t Digital Risk's unique market view and proprietary deemed n-grade due for any reasonmaterializes, • Buy/sell to be diligence database, it has learned: clients can't win. transactiona is comm believes pre-fusubstantial. There • Perfor In 2000–2001, the company was approved for l whole loan fore, Inglet only ming nding review originator due diligen Blair • Seaso loan servicing by the VA, HUD, and Fannie Mae. provide the industry this missing link, the or purchaser's s are param ce ned To ount to any success. • In 2006, Servis One, Inc., led by Gagan Sharma, company has developed scalable Non-performing solutions Inglet Blair • MSR present-day chief executive of BSI Financial, combined with a foundation of $1.7 trillion in due strategic is also focused on • Pre- and acquired BSI Financial and the company refoissuers to garnering diligence and quality control reviews to provide continue private-labe a couple • Consu post-closing qualit cused its energy and offering on loan servicing sound and reliable defense against today's and of l a and lting— credit y contro capital markesecuritization marke help restore the subservicing. risk and count l unstable legislative environment.operational t. The comp that marke ts exper tise and er-par ty • HMDA any's knowledge t and data under writingare only superseded of integrity and ability ability. Inglet Blair by the firm's to be the has premier partne the capacity r in this space . company description social life Special Adver torial due diligence In Digital Risk BSI Financial Servicesglet Blair 32 | The M RepoRT The M Repo RT | 33 8 on the web Decision Points 10 mdwell The Agony of Deceit 12 the pulse Luxe Life 13 from the source Happy Holidays 15 mcrowd See Who's Moving On and Moving Up in the Industry The M Report | 5

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