The Psychology Behind the Recovery

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Th e M Rep o RT | 29 Special Advertorial Section ComplianCe Company Guide company description BSI Financial Services (BSI) is an experienced finan- cial services company providing loan due diligence, quality control, and loan servicing and subservicing. The company employs advanced technology, includ- ing Web- and cloud-based systems and a global workforce to provide its clients responsive, high- touch service while maintaining complete transpar- ency in loan operations and reporting. As an independent loan services provider, BSI Financial does not pose a conflict with the investing interests of its clients. It focuses on identifying value in loan pools and portfolios by applying consider- able experience in managing a wide range of asset classes, from distressed to investment-grade loans. Business scope In addition to due diligence services, BSI Financial specializes in loan servicing and subservicing and has earned a high-quality rating from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. BSI Financial is also HAMP, 2MP, FHA, and VA-approved. The company's loan quality control services include pre- and post-funding loan reviews that comply with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac requirements. competitive advantage The post-meltdown marketplace has been BSI Financial's crucible, where the company has honed its understanding of value recognition for its investor clients. BSI Financial's due diligence and compli- ance experts leverage experience and fresh insight gleaned from continuing education, networking, and research as they provide investor clients meticulous, thoughtful analysis. Due diligence and compliance are viewed by BSI Financial Services as a new frontier for creating value for its clients. It allows BSI to demonstrate the ability to adapt to rapidly changing business conditions, certainly a hallmark of the mortgage finance industry since the turn of the century. Compliance is where BSI turns check-the-box activities into new core competencies that can create value and opportunity. To excel at compliance, loan servicers and sub- servicers need three things: a close relationship between business management and legal counsel that enables the firm to bring law into the discussion of competitive strategy; a commitment to ongoing employee education; and technology that provides an electronic safety net to support new disclosure, inquiry handling, and reporting requirements. Given the scope and pace of regulatory change that affects loan servicing, you cannot react to a new compliance mandate as an afterthought. The opportunity to build a competitive advantage around an emerging requirement is too great. Regulation can often foster new opportunity, but you won't realize it unless you understand and internalize the underlying social, business, and moral arguments for regulatory change and translate those to business methods that align with evolving standards. BSI employees dedicate their time to thoroughly understand new regulation. The company believes its employees create client satisfaction. They do this by making informed decisions about how best to employ company resources, honoring the commit- ments they make and being alert for ways to improve current business processes. BSI encourages this by educating all employees about behavior that reflects positively on its brand, including the need for transparency and integrity in all aspects of com- munication, and about the core values that drive decision-making in the company. BSI employees understand and appreciate that they are in a heavily regulated industry, and that, at the heart of creating value for clients, ensuring business practices are fully compliant is job number one. BSI's commitment to continuing education reverberates throughout the business. Technology provides BSI a platform to ensure all compliance-related communication with borrow- ers is appropriate, consistent, and fair. It allows the company to offer clients real time information on loan status and performance, and it enables the firm to create business rules around processes to replace subjectivity with consistency. BSI's strategy is to use technology to improve not just efficiency, but also transparency and accuracy. Regulatory compliance is not something that should keep you awake with worry. If you partner with the right loan services provider, you can focus on the fundamental challenge of managing and optimizing your investments. key personnel Gagan Sharma President and CEO Scott Myers EVP, Operations Tim Gillis SVP, Sales & Marketing Darryl MacNair Controller contact information Tim Gillis SVP, Sales & Marketing 972.347.4354 BSI Financial Services 1425 Greenway Drive, Ste. 400 Irving, Texas 75038 phone: 800.327.7861 Web: BSI Financial Services A-lign

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