The Psychology Behind the Recovery

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6 | Th e M Rep o RT from the source Unspinning the Spin These social platforms are helping industry professionals understand the market minus the middleman. READ THIS Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose In Tony Hsieh's tome, the well-admired CEO of Zappos shares how he designed a corporate culture that aims to enhance the lives of those who work with and for him. Hseih made excellent customer service the core ethos of his company, which in turn drove the company toward success. The same principles can be applied to the entire industry, especially servicers who are aiming to adapt to an increasingly regulated environment. Customer service and experience is key for any shop looking to increase business. "LIKE" THIS CoreLogic The California-based company supplements its extensive research with an active Facebook page that offers real-time conversation on the data CoreLogic collects and analyzes. The page has a vocal user community that provides CoreLogic with information aimed at improving the quality of service and product offerings. CoreLogic's Facebook page also links to its unique data and resources that explain the current issues affecting the industry. The information is particularly useful for those looking to get an accurate picture of how certain markets are doing on the city level. SHARE THIS "Refighting the 'mortgage wars' could bring new risks to the housing market" Washington Post columnist Steven Pearlstein offers an interesting premise on the continuing conversa- tion regarding what to do with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Despite the distracting references to the GSEs as "Fan" and "Fred," Pearlstein lays out a thorough argument suggesting the behe- moths be defanged and the privileges afforded the entities reduced and spread to other private companies looking to gain market share. The piece will definitely get tongues wagging. TWEET THIS @ScottyBarber Sometimes the onslaught of housing industry news can wear out a the reader's eyes, and sometimes the best way to understand complex financial ideas is to see them graphically through engaging and uncomplicated charts and graphs. That's why Scotty Barber, the former charts editor for Reuters, has one of the more compelling feeds on the Twitterspace. Barber provides data and detail through various charts that highlight key data for various different markets. WATCH THIS The Motley Fool YouTube Channel The Motley Fool, once a bellwether for financial reporting, has weathered the constant changes of the Internet. One way it keeps pace is by stepping up its social media presence, especially its YouTube channel. The Motley Fool staff offers their take on trending news through daily shows that cover the markets. The news team provides intriguing commentary and insight on the market indicators that are fueling the recovery. TheMotleyFool

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