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24 | Th e M Rep o RT I t's been a long time coming. The largest generational group in American history is finally entering the housing market! The millennials' move from their parents' basements to their own homes has been eagerly anticipated over the last decade by economists, policymakers, mortgage lenders, and builders. With housing a crucial leg of the U.S. economy, the delayed entry of this young generation into homeownership has had serious implications for the long- term health of the country, as outlined by Derek Thompson and Jordan Weissman in their article for The Atlantic titled "The Cheapest Generation." At stake is a group ranging between 80 and 92 million–whose homeownership decisions and related consumer purchasing power will drive the American economy into the middle of the 21st century. Feature Millennials on the Move 2015 is the Year this Generation Becomes Homeowners By Jim Jumpe

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