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4 | Th e M Rep o RT MDwell Climbing the Corporate Ladder—The Best & Worst States for Working Moms & Female Executives Women make up about half of the American workforce, yet they still earn about 75 percent as much as men do and have a smaller chance for promotion. W allet Hub recently studied the best and worst states for working moms, finding a number of infra- structure aspects vary from state-to-state such as female-to-male executive ratios, parental leave policies, daycare, and schools. Overall, Alabama had more female exec- utives in their workforce compared to male executives, with the best female-to-male executive ratio. On the other hand, Utah had the least amount of women compared to men in executive positions. "It's clear that something must be done in order to increase workplace gender equality and ease the burden on working parents, but there is significant debate about what that 'something' should be," said WalletHub author John Kiernan. "Such obvious inequality has spawned a great deal of debate about gender roles in a shifting socioeconomic environment. Workplace inequality is important not only in the spirit of a merit-based economy, but also for deeply ingrained social reasons."

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