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Th e M Rep o RT | 5 Lowest Female-to-Male Executive Ratio WalletHub also identified states where women fall short to men in executive positions in a variety of industries. These states have the lowest female-to-male ratios that hold executive positions within their companies. Highest Female-to-Male Executive Ratio WalletHub identified states where women hold top executive spots in a variety of industries. These states have the highest female-to-male ratios that hold executive positions within their companies. Source: "2015's Best & Worst States for Working Moms" by Wallethub AlAbAmA According to WalletHub, Alabama closes the gap be- tween female and male executives more than any other state. If working mothers are looking for affordable childcare, Alabama also ranked No. 5 for child care as a percentage of median women's income. District of columbiA The District of Columbia came in second when look- ing at the number of women in executive positions compared to male executives, coming in at 48 overall. Childcare costs are not the absolute best in this state coming in at 45 out of all states. North DAkotA North Dakota also boasts an attrac- tive female-to-male ratio in all industries. Working mothers can also be assured that their children will have proper child care as North Dakota ranks third with some of the best day care systems. VermoNt At No. 4, Vermont has plenty to offer for women in the work- force. Not only is the state one of the best when you compare the femal-to-male ex- ecutive ratio, but there is also a low pay gap between women and men, making Vermont an attractive choice for working women. AlAskA Alaska has a fair women-to-men ratio, but when it comes to how much women make compared to men, women fall a bit short. The gender pay gap is nearly the worst of all states coming in at number 49 of the 51 states. kANsAs Kansas comes in at 47 among all states with a low female-to- male ratio in executive positions. Kansas also ranks at 19 in the child- care arena, something working mothers can smile about in spite of the female-to-male ratio. GeorGiA Women in executive positions are scarce in Georgia, with men tow- ering over women in numbers. The childcare facilities in this state are fair, coming in at number 20, while the professional opportu- nities are even lower at 38 on the list. texAs The great state of Texas is not so great when it comes to who ranks higher in the workplace. Women come second to men in executive positions, but on a brighter note, Texas does have stel- lar day care systems for working mothers. south cAroliNA South Carolina is not exactly the most attractive state for women in the workforce. This state comes in at No. 50 of all the states and also ranks No. 47 in child care, making it a tough job force for mothers. utAh Lastly, Utah is not likely the best state to be a working mother. Not only does this state have the lowest number of females in executive positions compared to men, but it also has a very high gender pay gap, leaving women out- numbered by men and earning a low salary. HI ND SD NE KS MO IA MN WI IL IN OH MI PA NJ VT CT RI MA NH ME NY MD OK AR MS AL GA FL SC NC VA KY WV TN TX OR ID MT WY UT CO NM AZ NV CA LA WA DE 01 01 02 02 03 03 04 04 05 05

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