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TH E M R EP O RT | 23 SPECIAL SECTION Deborah Jenkins has 22 years of experi- ence in the commercial finance industry. Before becoming senior vice president and national head of Multifamily Underwriting and Credit at Freddie Mac in April 2013, she held other executive positions of increasing re- sponsibility at Freddie Mac and the Michigan offices of Wells Fargo, Eastern Michigan Bank and Huntington Bank. In her current position, she is responsible for managing the underwriting and credit approvals of all multifamily debt investments for Freddie Mac, and managing the underwriting and credit staff at offices across the country. Jenkins has had a far-ranging and transformative impact on the company's multifamily business model and culture, and played a major role in Freddie Mac Multifamily's growth into the nation's largest and most innovative funder of multifamily loans. Her business achievements are having a positive impact on American com- munities. Freddie Mac Multifamily funded 695,000 apartments in 2015 and 357,000 during the first two quarters of this year. She also takes time out to mentor up-and -coming women throughout Freddie Mac, often over lunch, Jenkins exchanges ideas and provides individual guidance on what they need to do to move Freddie Mac and the industry forward. She is also the execu- tive sponsor of the Women's Interactive Network (WIN), one of Freddie Mac's eight employee resource groups. Approximately 600 of Freddie Mac's 2500 female employees belong to WIN, which is dedicated to promot- ing professional advancement through networking, learning and career develop- ment. As executive sponsor, she facilitates communication among employees across all levels of the corporation and champions the cause for workforce diversification, empha- sizing the contributions of women. "I find Debby to be one of the most ap- proachable and encouraging members of our senior management team," said Rachel Levy, Director of Multifamily Underwriting at Freddie Mac. "She is willing to give us the opportunity to challenge ourselves by taking on as much responsibility as we can handle, and is always there to help solve a problem or come up with creative solutions if asked. I consider her one of my role models here at Freddie Mac." Deborah Jenkins SVP, NATIONAL HEAD OF MULTIFAMILY UNDERWRITING AND CREDIT, FREDDIE MAC DEBORAH JENKINS SPECIAL SECTION

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